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My father has alcoholic cirrhosis, and I was told last night that my father's bilirubin level is at 23.0! Does anyone know what this means? I fear the worst is coming much soon than I expected
while that just IS a very high bili level, what this means kind of has to be looked at in the more broader sense of what else is also going on too? his area in his liver that is supposed to destroy old red blood cells really appears to not be working well at all, but that is just one of the many functions that the liver just has that also need to be considered here too? has he passed into the portal hypertension phase yet? this is where the portal vein gets closed off from the repeated scarring of the condition he just has right now? what are his other labs looking like right now? espescially the AST,ALT and the alkiline phosphatase numbers? and of course his overall ammonia levels too. has he actually stopped drinking before this so he can at least qualify to be on the transplant list?

knowing a bit more about his overall condition would really help here. what have his docs actually told him about his overall prognosis? and of course knowing if he is still drinking, or actually stopped when he was Dxed and dealing with the after effects here alcohol free really also makes a huge difference too. sorry you are having to even deal at all with this. marcia

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