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Hi , I was just looking for some information on my mothers condition, I have never posted on a board like this but I feel its time to seek otherside help. My mum who is 62 is at end stage liver disease. She is in hospital now as she had severe bleeding from the mouth which covered the walls of her apt and was full of clots, it was horrible. This is her 4th bleed in the last year and each time she gets banded. She has lost the power of her legs now and is somewhat disorientated. She is constipated which is not good becoz of toxins and has low magnesium levels. It takes a hoist to lift her from bed to chair and I do not know how long she has left. The docs says she is at the end stages,stage 4, she is nappies and has a catherer in . I need to know what type of care she will need after this. The hospital says she cant live on her own anymore and that deydration, constipation any infection could kill her. They gave her a year.

I suppose I am looking to hear from other people in similar situation so I can gauge for myself how long she has left. She knows who we are, but is extremely violent towards me, and then she is hulicinating, thinking its christmas etc.

Just looking for help really, thanks for reading. xx

Edited to add: that she is a chronic alcoholic, is jaundiced, disorienated, has bleeding from mouth, sleeps alot now, not really eating, hospital have her on IV Fluids since admission 4 wks ago. aggressive. Her tummy doesnt need to be drained but it is large.

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