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Hi, march77 --

First off, my heart goes out to you as you (sadly, once again) experience the pain of a loved one engaging in highly self-destructive behavior. So many people would have been out the door long ago with such a mate resistant to seeking help. I hope you have and make use of a good interpersonal support system, and -- if you haven't done so already -- I would strongly recommend seeking either private counseling (if you can afford it) and/or attending any support groups you might have in your area for those whose loved ones are involved in destructive alcoholic behavior (here in the States, typically known as Al-Anon).

With regards to the readings: First, the usual caveat: I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on the Internet. That said, the following of the results you posted jump out at me:

Total serum bilirubin, 9: Are you quite certain this doesn't read "0.9"? If the reading truly is 9.0, your partner should be exhibiting extreme jaundice, while 0.9 is well within normal range. An actual 9.0 reading would be very, very worrisome and would indicate your partner's liver cannot clear dead blood cells from their system, which is usually manifested as jaundice, unusually dark urine, and greyish bowel movements. [SEE EDIT BELOW]

Serum creatinine 56.0: Exceptionally high (usual upper normal limit is 1.27), indicating likely severe injury to the kidneys, and the likely explanation for the remnants of urinal frothiness you've found your partner to have left behind in the toilet. [SEE EDIT BELOW]

Serum alkaline phosphatase (ALP) and AST 91.0 and 113.0: Moderately high (usual ranges are 0-55 and 0-40, respectively), usually indicating fatty liver, liver inflammation or even cirrhosis. The fact that the AST level is higher than the ALP is especially typical in cases of cirrhosis.

Serum albumin 45.0: Again, you're quite certain about the decimal placement? A reading of 4.5 would be within normal range. A reading below 3.5 typically indicates liver distress or damage. I'm not aware of what a reading nearly ten times the upper normal limit could possibly mean. [SEE EDIT BELOW]

There may be other readings of note that I'm not aware of (I'm basing my analysis on my own recent readings, which were provided to me by my care provider along with a column detailing usual normal ranges). But based on these results and your mates's physical symptoms in your initial post, I'd certainly say medical intervention should be of the highest priority. You mentioned that your fear in attempting to have your partner sectioned is her wrath if this effort fails, but while I am not in your shoes, I'd think this a small risk compared to what could happen to her if she does not have appropriate medical care.

All the best to you and - again - if you're not already receiving counseling or part of a support group for others in your situation, I pray you look into doing so without delay. As a dear friend of mine has been known to ask, "Who's taking care of the caretaker?"

EDIT: Upon further reflection/Googling, it occurs to me the bilirubin, creatinine, and albumin readings that seem to me off by a factor of ten could be because a different measuring standard was applied for your partner's readings vs. my own, in which case bilirubin would be in normal range if the lab that analyzed your partner's blood used a 1-12 grading system instead of my lab's 0.1-1.2 grading. Similarly, if the lab's grading system on normal creatinine levels is based on 7.6-12.7 instead of 0.7-1.27, then that would still indicate her readings are too high, but not by a factor of >40, and if your partner's lab uses a grading for albumin of 35-55 instead of 3.5-5.5 like mine, then this level would be within normal range for your partner. My apologies for the epic fail. But based on your report of your partner's physical symptoms, I still stand behind my assertion that medical intervention should be the utmost priority.

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