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Re: Liver disease
Jun 19, 2010
while in certain cases that liver 'can" regenerate new cells and repair 'some' levels of damage? in this situation he simply 'cannot' get better only if he "wants to". this is kind of way beyond that due to HIS specific types of damage that would even be generating these types of symptoms at where he is at medically right now unfortunetly.

its not unusual for the kidneys to become impaired when the liver is not functioning up to IT'S level of the normal functions. has he thrown up ANY blood at all? do they know yet if he has portal hypertension? this would mean that nothing is flowing thru that P vein anymore so the ammonia that normally gets cleared out of the blood as it simply passes 'thru' it would tend to stay within his system and it does most definitely impact the brain/cells. what you could be seeing here with the way he is walking and his cognition problems IS that build up of the ammonia in his system that NEEDS to be checked right now just so his docs know where that is at(the level floating within his blood). is he drinking the lactulose yet? that IS what they have to use to simply expel all BMs out asap and makes it alot more "loose", only because the longer the stool sits within his intestines, that much more ammonia actually will get absorbed thru the intestinal walls too? so the lactulose is ment to help expel that ammonia quicker out this particular way. if he is NOT having actual more diarhiah(sp?) type stools, his lactulose NEEDS upping in dosing by his doc and his doc needs to know this if they are not? this unfortunetly IS the only real way of removing that nasty destructive ammonia out of his system. my son simply hated that lactulose when he had to take it, but that ammonia simply HAS TO stay as low as possible.

one kind of 'positive"(as strange as this sounds) thing that WILL actually help in him obtaining that more emergent absolute NEED for ssdi IS the impact this is actually having on his kidneys now too? for some insane reason and i have never understood this myself, but while 'only' having a severe liver disease does not seem to really UP the need for an immediate approval for ssdi, severe kidney impairment DOES?? makes no real sense to me but having gone thru the SSD experience myself, thats what appeared to be more "critical"? at least to the good folks at SSD anyways? but given HIS current status, this will at least UP the overall impact and absolute NEED here to get him approved asap.

are you working with a disability lawyer at this point which would really HELP a ton in the lawyer stepping in to help to plead his case and speed things up? the lawyer ONLY gets paid if he wins for you and that pay is already 'set' at what would be 25% of your dads backpay? so you really cannot go wrong in hiring one esp for this emergent need your dad simply has to get ON it right now for the best possible care? the payment part of the lawyer thing, i would NOT even worry about, just getting THAT level of help right now is just sooo crucial to your dads condition and simply approval as soon as possible.

how long ago did your dad actually stop drinking? that would dictate whether or not he could get on the transplant list? it used to be that anyone who ended up with liver failure from alcohol had to actually wait one fuull year of full sobriety(and they CAN tell with particular testing as to whether or not someone actually even drank alcohol) but i DO believe, and you can double check the UNOS site on this, that they recently changed that to only six months sobriety now? has transplant been discussed here at all yet? that could save his life too.

just what is hit actual liver dx as far as disease process he has there? is this strictly cirrhosis or some other crappy disease too or only? other possible things can also create liver disease, not only simply alcohol alone? thats only why i am asking.

right now, i seriously would speak to an actual disability lawyer here just to really help speed thing up for him and the lawyer also just knows all the right people to speak to when someone just IS in a dire need emergent situation like your dad is? but if things appear to be going okay,then maybe not? its all up to you since your dads brain is simply NOT where it should be with regards to making certain decisions when ammonia levels are too high? i am hoping they can stabilize his kidneys here so at least they would not stay in the current shape they are now if they start dialysis on him to also give the kidneys a 'rest' here too kind of thing? just so you know, acities(that build up of fluid)can aslo pretty much occur thru just about any real 'stage" of liver disease and the whole function loss thing, so THAT alone is not that unusual? what is more important is what his portal vein is like which would directly correlate to the P vein and how much actual 'flow' is still there or none at all? and of course what his liver functions are at. that is what the 'labs" they do all check on, liver functions themselves.

i do hope they can get him on ssdi here asap. but if it appears anyone is dragging their feet here, hire that lawyer who just 'knows' what to do in all the best ways for your dad and much faster in most cases. it cost your dad NOTHING out of his pocket at all. only a small percentage of his back pay, thats it, so you really have nothing to lose here by hiring an actual disabilty lawyer for him since this just IS all these types of lawyers simply 'do" all day every day? i wish you all luck here and hope things will be approved and good solid treatment can simply be done for him(and hopfully an eventual transplant too?). please DO keep us posted, marcia

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