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My 7 year old recently had blood work after she started complaining of shaky legs. The blood work indicated a slightly elevated ALT and a slightly elevated billirubin (both over by just a few). She's healthy, no recent illnesses, not overweight, and active. We went to an Endocrinologist who felt that her shakiness may be due to not drinking enough during activities. He also checked for an enlarged liver and reported no concerns. The Endocrinologist recommended that I have her lab rechecked in a month to determine if levels remained elevated and then proceed at this point. My concern is why are her levels elevated? My father has consistently high bilirubin and has tested negative for everything (I heard elevated counts ran in some families). My greatest concern is that a little over 2 years ago my daughter was exposed to Hep C during a pool party (the bottom of the pool was cutting the feet of those swimming and before I caught what was going on she had stepped in puddles of diluted blood when she herself had abrasions on her feet. I found out later one of the people at the party has Hep C). As a precaution she was tested for Hep C then; which came back negative. Do I need to have her tested again for Hep C? What are other possible causes of this? How should I proceed?

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