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Hello, all --

I am a male in my mid-40s. I was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder when a manic phase sent me on a week-long, unprecedented drinking spree that landed me in the hospital to detox. While there, they of course did a liver panel, which showed elevated enzymes and bilirubin, although they weren't alarmed by the results. (I also had just begun experiencing frequent bloody noses that were slow to resolve and bled abnormally from a scrape at home and when the hospital took out my IV catheter.) This was all close to three weeks ago.

Since then, I've had two subsequent liver panels at my local health clinic. Oddly enough, the last one featured my highest enzyme readings yet; AST in the low 400s, ALT in the low 500s (my liver is still slightly enlarged, as well). My doctor supposes this is the result of alcoholic hepatitis, and I would agree, plus I'm sure fatty liver is adding insult to injury, as I'm slightly obese and have been a nightly drinker for many a year. But my doctor is surprised that my enzymes have continued to elevate, as I've abstained since my release from the hospital. (I have a follow up test scheduled for three weeks hence.)

So, question #1 is, in anyone else's experience, is it typical for enzymes to peak *after* alcohol cessation? (All other levels, including bilirubin and albumin, quickly returned to normal ranges, and my blood clotting abilities seem to have returned to normal, which I find a great relief.)

Also, I'm mystified as to why my doctor has recommended I go off all vitamin supplements (I've taken a daily multiple, a daily, high-potency B-stress tab, and a daily thiamine supplement for years, as I've known daily drinking can mess up vitamin B absorption). Any ideas on why my doctor wouldn't at least want me to keep up the B supplements?

As well, when I told my doc I had taken up running to decrease my weight, he advised me to discontinue strenuous exercise for now, even though my energy levels are fine -- no fatigue, nor any other physical symptoms of hepatitis (no nausea, no anorexia, etc.). The fact is, before he told me this, I was just starting to build up my endurance, and now darn-it I *want* to run. This latter advice would make sense to me if I were fatigued, had hypertension, or had portal hypertension, but the first two items are not the case and as to the third, the possibility I have cirrhosis hasn't even been brought up. Again, anyone have an idea why moderate aerobic exercise would be contraindicated at this time?

Thanks in advance for your time, and good health to you!

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