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[QUOTE=BoxerIsis;4293058]I know this is a very long post but I am hoping for help and I want to make sure I get everything important down.[/quote]

Hey Ms. B,
Might I suggest that when you write detailed information that you don't abbreviate. This would be helpful to avoid any misunderstanding.

[quote]I am 38yo 5'-'7" and weigh 197pds. I found out yesterday through u/s that I have a Focal soft tissue nodule on the right lobe measuring 1.5cm.[/quote]

I'm assuming that this is the right lobe of your liver.

[quote]I didnt ask the Dr. What it could be.[/quote]

A tip on when you meet with your physician. Take a notebook and write down what he tell you. This will remind you to get clarification on what he says and what the "gastroese" terminology means.

[quote]and now wish I had since I woke at 2AM and proceeded to have a panic attack that hasnt fully left me yet :([/quote]

If you are prone to panic attacks, it wouldn't hurt to tell your Primary Care Physician (PCP) that you are having them. Your PCP can prescribe medication specifically for them.

[quote]The report I got: I have been googling and havnt found much that is easy to understand.[/quote]

It takes a bit of doing this to get the hang of the meaning. It's an acquired skill.

[quote]I of course am terrified it is cancer but it appears that cancer is not that common or at least not something to think of right away?[/quote]

It is quite unusual for cancer to just all of a sudden to appear on one's liver.

[quote]It all started back in Dec. last year when I had bw done because of my high blood pressure to check my cholesterol and triglycerides. The bw showed that 2 of my liver enzymes where off but the Dr. felt that my risk for not taking cholesterol med, vitoryn, was less than not treating my very high chol. and tri. levels. I reluctantly agreed to take the med knowing that no one in my family have ever been able to take a statin. By week 3 on it my muscles where so sore I couldnt even load the dishwasher so stopped the med and went back in for bw.[/quote]

There is a much better way to deal with cholesterol. You've seen the commercials on the telly about Cheerios helping to lower cholesterol? Well, that's a somewhat effusive play on the fact that fibre in one's diet helps to "soak" up cholesterol. And Oats are a source of fiber. But, if one is serious about this, probably the BEST fiber is Psyllium Husk. It comes in various products such as Colon Cleanse. A scoop in twelve ounces of water followed by another twelve ounces of water every morning had in less than a year gotten my cholesterol down to optimum levels. Also resulted in lower blood pressure, and increased regularity, and all without any chemicals which is much gentler on the liver.

[quote]It showed that my muscles where being damaged as well as my liver enzymes where elevated even more.[/quote]

Psyllium Husk won't do either of those things. It is available from Nutritional Centers, and Health Food Stores, and is quite affordable. Even more so if bought in bulk which is available from many websites.

[quote]Here are the liver enzyme readings that I have gotten over the last 8 months:
12/07/09 before starting the Vytorin:

AST (SGOT) 49 Normal level (4-34)
ALT (SGPT) 70 Normal level (0-55)[/quote]

These are nominal. The important thing to note is that they are elevated in the first place.

[quote]1/21/10 After having been on the Vytorin for just shy of a month
ALT (SGPT) 85[/quote]

These are at the upper level of nominal. But the important thing to note is that they are going up.

[quote]Creatine Kinase 146[/quote]

Am unfamiliar with Creatine Kinase.

ALT (SGPT) 84[/quote]

Leveled off in one week. Did you do anything differently that week.

ALT (SGPT) 58[/quote]

A downward trend.

[quote]/10/10 (Dr. decided to add some more tests here)
ALT (SGPT) 65[/quote]

A bit of a bump. This can be caused by test error margin, and maybe alcohol intake.

[quote]4/15/10 (Results from the Rhumatologist bw)

Back up to upper limits of nominal.

[quote]7/8/10 (last set of bw)
ALT (SGPT) 90[/quote]

Another upward trend. Ms. B, it is also good to be aware that AST and ALT, while used to track liver tissue destruction, can also be a sign of heart and muscle tissue destruction. It might be a good idea to get a specific Liver Function Panel Blood Test.

[quote]I had my thyroid removed back in 96 due to cancer and have been fine since then. So I do have a cancer history :( [/quote]

That was fourteen years ago. Still it could be a factor, but a minimal one.

[quote]If anyone has any thoughts or could tell me what to search for that would be great because I am not having much luck. I dont know when my CT scan will be the Dr. office has to schedule it and they are so slow about things like that. In the mean time I get to worry myself sick.[/quote]

This is the logical thing to do. Don't be reticent to encourage your physician to attend to this matter ASAP. Be gentle but firm with them. Explain that you are concerned, and anxious.

I happen to be a twelve year survivor of the autoimmune liver disease: Primary Biliary Cirrhosis (PBC) that generally kills in five to six months. I can sympathize with your anxiety, but taking good care of yourself, watching your diet, cultivating a good relationship with your physician, maintaining a good attitude, and learning all you can about everything that you don't already know about produces a somewhat less anxious demeanor. I have come to, over the years, describe the process as maybe not always pleasant, but NEVER uninteresting. Make your survival and level of health a major project in your life.

Three other things that you might encourage you physician to check into is your Prothrombin Time with International Normalized Ratio (INR), Bilirubin Direct, and Creatinine. With these three scores you can check what is called MELD Score. Then Google "MELD" and you will find pages that will calculate your MELD Score just by entering the test numbers. You can take some amount of comfort if your MELD Score is 7 or lower, for that is an indication that your liver functioning is well within what is acceptable.



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