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[QUOTE=junkfoodjenny;4310766]Hi all![/quote]

Hey Jenny,

[quote]I'm new to this forum and was hoping someone could offer some insight.[/quote]

I'm also new to this forum but I've been struggling with Primary Biliary Cirrhosis (PBC) for a dozen years come this November.

[quote]I have hypothyroidism and am currently on. 088mg of synthroid.[/quote]

Can't give you any insights on this.

[quote]I had my blood drawn to test my levels a couple weeks ago. It had been a couple years since I had this done. She had my liver enzymes also checked. Everything was normal except my alt was 305 and ast 275[/quote]

Those are both high.

In my experience, on November, 19, 1998, the ALT was: 358, the AST was: 268.

[quote]and total wbc count was low at 2.8.[/quote]

In December of 1998, the WBC was: 5.3

[quote] 2 years ago my alt was in the normal range and ast slightly high at 41. I went this week for more bloodwork. My ast is now 216 and alt 275 which is lower.[/quote]

Have you been taking any medication for the high AST and ALT results?

In November of 1998, Prednisone, Azathioprine (Immuran), and Ursodeoxycholic Acid (Urso250) were started.

By December 1, 1998 the ALT was down to: 281. The AST was down to: 198.

By December 31, 1998, the ALT was down to 138. The AST was down to: 103.

By March 23, 1999, the ALT was down to: 36. The AST was down to 23.

As you can see, the response to these medications was quite remarkable.

[quote]All other numbers are normal but we are still awaiting my ANA results.[/quote]

Were you given any reason for the delay in the Anti Nuclear Antibody results?

[quote]I was negative for hepatitis a b and c. I had an abdominal ultrasound this morning which was completely normal. I have no symptoms....pain...jaundice etc... I also do not drink. About 10 years ago I had a high anti nuclear antibody count....I wanna say it was 1:400, but was told to only be concerned if I started experiencing signs of lupus.[/quote]

Anti-Nuclear (ANA) and Anti-Mitochondrial (AMA) anti-bodies are indicative of PBC.

[quote]I'm awaiting the results of that test still. Could this be autoimmune hepatitis?[/quote]

"Autoimmune Hepatitis" is a catch-all label for the many forms of Auto-Immune Liver problems.

[quote]It scares me because I don't want to take prednisone....especially permanently.[/quote]

Originally, the same fear was present, but after having started with 60mg a day, and gone down to as low as 7.5mg (presently on 10mg), it has become clear that there is little to fear from Prednisone unless one has an intolerance (which I apparently do not have) to it.

[quote]I did fail to mention to my Dr that I have issues with dairy and bad stomach pains when I eat certain fruits or nuts. I don't know if food intolerances can alter these enzyme levels.[/quote]

When you speak to your MDeity (that's what I call my physicians), don't leave ANYTHING out. They need to know EVERYTHING. Little things mean a lot.

[quote]I was also taking a multivitamin, viactiv and 500mg of resveratrol daily. I stopped taking the resveratrol after the first bad blood test.[/quote]

Don't know about Viactiv or Resveratrol, but a good multivitamin, Coral Calcium, and Vitamine D are help a lot. Also there is a stuff called "Sub-Lingual B Total" that helps keep energy up.

[quote]Sorry this is so long...[/quote]

Don't worry about THAT. :)

[quote]just making sure I mention any health related issues that might be a reason my levels are so poor. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks![/QUOTE]

There are two Auto-Immune Liver Diseases in which ANA and AMA are present. One is PBC, the other is Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis. They are "sister" diseases. One (PBC) involves the destruction of the Nucleus and Mitochondria of the Smooth Muscle Cells of which the Veins and Ducts INSIDE the Liver are comprised. The other (PSC) involves the dstruction of the Nucleus and Mitochondria of the Smooth Muscle Cells of which the Veins TO and FROM the Liver are comprised.

With regards to PBC, one person in 100,1000 gets PBC. Out of 100 people who get it (that 100 out of 10,000,000), 98 will be Female. I happen to be one of the 2 of the "guys" out of 10,000,000 people that happend to get PBC.

After having dealt with this problem for nearly a dozen years, I am just now starting to feel the deleterious effects of it. At 10mg of Prednisone a day, my ALT and AST have once again begun to be elevated. Am awaiting the results of the September 3, 2010 blood test, but the July 27, 2010 showed ALT at: 60. And AST at: 69. Am awaiting a phone call from the MDeity about the last blood test today between 4:00 and 5:00 p.m. and am anticipating that he will increase the Prednisone dosage to maybe 12.5mg or 15mg.

I noticed that you have not gotten any responses. Well, here's one. Let me hear back from you. There is much to know and much to be done before this is all over.

Hope you are well as can be expected under the circumstances..


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