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Hello- This is my first time to post on this or any site and feel it's time to ask questions and get a feel for other peoples experiences with this situation. My husband who is 53 was dx with cardiomyopathy 8 yrs ago, and 1 year ago he had a biopsy done on his liver(liver ast/alt started to rise 2 years ago). He was dx with cirrhosis of the liver grade 4 of 4 scar tissue consistent with cirrhosis and grade 2 of 4 inflammation. He has continued to drink everyday 10-12 beers(has been drinking since he was 18). The cause is alcohol and poss some meds for his heart which he must continue to take. He was told to stop drinking. We have been married for 24 years and have 2 children age 19 and 21. My husband has chosen to continue to drink even though dr's and I have explained the dx and the complications and that the damage could be stopped at the level it is right now, but with continued drinking the damage will progress fast. It has been a hard time for myself and my children for many years. Now it has gotten worse in the last 3 months with confusion, memory loss, bouts of rage, the sleeping during the day and up all night started a year and a half ago. His stomach has started to get larger with prob 25 lbs gained in weigh in the last year-although doesn't look 9 mnths pregnant or belly is not hard. He has easy bruising, and breast enlargement. No jaundice. He has refused to have treatment or see the GI dr again. I did get him to a internal med dr this week because his leg tremors are getting worse which he thinks are RLS-takes requip for 1 1/2 yrs. Could this be from the liver dis and HE? While sleeping his legs just lift straight up then relax back- is this like the liver flap. I did get the dr to do labs. I have only gotten the ammonia level so far which was 71. I have read alot of info about blood ammonia levels and what the test actually means concerning HE and liver disease. Does the single reading not mean much? Or is it the day over day of higher levels that cause the brain problems-to cell damage in the brain and no treatment of lactose which can determine your level of HE to be worst even though the ammonia level is elevated and not high? My husband drinks, eats a high protien diet, eats lots of salty nuts. Everything he shouldn't do. I have learned over the past 3 years to be able to take care of him but realize that I'm not guilty of this problem, and when he is gone I know that I tried, but drinking is his problem and no one can get someone to stop drinking only they can!! I have learned to walk away from the abuse or leave the house, and to live life. Which is very important!!! I care but have learned to separate the problem and guilt from myself. I have also gone to al-non meetings, and understand that I am doing the best things for myself and my children. We all need to dance with what life gives us!! That's my motto. If anyone has some info or their experiences please help me! I just wonder at how fast the time frame is for more complications when already have see the HE and liver disease with the drinking. Is there a 18 month period or 2 yrs that is seen in most pats that they end up with serious complications. Thank you. :)

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