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I apologize to the moderator for linking to an article at the un-approved website of the American Academy of Family Physicians. I am going to elaborate a little on my previous post, since the Original Poster will not be able to see the flow chart.

In reviewing my 2nd liver enzyme test result with my doctor, I shared the flow chart with him. It shows that after 6 months of lifestyle changes that one should be retested. Then if the results are still high and similar, an ultrasound test should be performed, and additional tests until a reason for the high liver enzymes is found. If the results are in the normal range, then it recommends to just monitor on a periodic basis to insure no additional abnormal results.

My private physician felt that the flowchart approach seemed fairly reasonable and was actually in line with what he recommend, but since this was my second test, he recommended I come back in 3 months for another blood test, while I continue to abstain from alcohol, supplements, that I work on my exercise program, loose weight, and that I not do excessively heavy exercise for the two weeks just prior to my next bloodwork.

Again, good luck and I hope what I have discussed with my doctor for my mildly elevated ALT & AST levels helps you in talking to your doctor. Do talk to him about your medications and things that you said happened just prior to you last blood tests. I still can't believe how much exercise seemd to impact my AST level.

Good Luck!

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