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This is the first time I am hearing this 2/1 ratio thing. My own enzymes are elevated
my AST is 47 and my ALT is 75. This are elevated by not to the moon. I don't know if mine indicate liver disease or not. I have been a weekend drinker for many many years.[/QUOTE]

What are the lab-specific normal ranges for those reading?

AST is typically around 5 to 40 or say 11 to 38
ALT is typically around 7 to 56 or 5 to 50 give or take some.

Your ALT is probably a bit high, as is your AST. The AST/ALT ratio is <1 and way less than 2.

From what I have read (and I am not a doctor) so to a degree I am sharing just a crude amount of rudementary information.

What I have read is that either AST or ALT being less than 5 times "normal" is considered by some medical protocalls as being mildly elevated, but warrant addtional monitoring and testing. If again found to be still mildly elevated, what I have read is that a "cause" of the problem should be evaluated, and if one isn't obvious, then retesting in say 6 months. If that test is still elevated then maybe a ultrasound and then possibly a liver biopsy.

Obviously, continued heavy drinking (even just weekends) is not good for one's liver. The advice I got was to stop drinking (I was able to stop cold turkey, so I don't feel I had a signficant drinking problem) and get retested in a few months.

What I have read that involves ratios says that for mildly elevated (<5xnormal):

AST/ALT ratio < 1.0 possibly Hepatitis B or C, Obesity, diabetes, hyperlipidemia or fatty liver disease

AST/ALT ratio > 2.0 possibly Alcoholic liver disease, Wilsonís disease

Again, the advice my doctor gave me was to make lifestyle changes (loose weight, stop drinking, cut down on the excessive exercise prior to the next liver enzyme test, don't take a lot of dietary supplements and vitamins, don't take a lot of Advil (etc.)) and come back in several months.

Good luck to you.

Let me add a link for the set of comments on this website that I found comfort in:

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