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[QUOTE=ccaneda;4744230]...AST is 1143 and my ALT is 317, I am a 22 year old male. I have suffered from high blood pressure and high cholesterol since I was about 15, ( Hereditary ) I barely ever eat meat, and I exercise regularly.

...I drink Ginkgo Biloba, Omega 3 and Lovastatin 40 mg. I'm worried that there may be something wrong with my liver and would like to know if anyone has gone through something similar. :dizzy:

...I had also gone to the gym the day before doing my bloodwork and I am hoping that affected my readings.

...any input or similar situation would be greatly appreciated[/QUOTE]

I did some extreme exercise a few days days prior to a blood test and my AST spiked up, so yes, that can be a cause. For me AST was 123 and then dropped to 46 awhile later in a retest.

From what I have read AST is not as liver specific as ALT, but a more general body chemistry related enzyme.

However, both your numbers are quite high. One website I found indicated that for "mildly elevated" liver function levels of 5 times or less the high end of the normal range there were certain protocols. Both of your numbers are well about 5 times the normal of what my lab said was the high end of normal.

You might want to talk to a specialist and you might want to lay off all of the supplements/juices/etc. for a while. I have stopped drinking, cut back on supplements, and while exercizing, will take two weeks off of any heavy exercise prior to my next blood test. My doctor also suggested that I loose weight (which is not your problem if you are 6' and 176#).

Good luck.

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