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First off good luck to you.

I too had a mildly elevated ALT at the start of the year, just after a hard work out that was part of a New Year's resolution. I scared myself, but have learned that I will not do a hard workout within at least 8+days of a blood test. I prefer to try to make sure I have only very very light exercesize to no exercise for two weeks prior to a liver enzyme blood test. This year I ran two half marathons, a 15km, and a 5 km race. Your 2-3 mile runs can be quite strenuous, expecially if you do speed, hill, or tempo work. There are medical articles that show that senuous exercise can raised AST, and I tried but am not allowed to show you the medical article (I was warned once for posting the link). I have also found references that imply that strenuous exercise can also make a minor impact on ALT, but haven't found any clear cut studies. The medical protocol I found indicated that either AST or ALT if less than three times the laboratory max value is generally considered mildly elevated.

In seven months my ALT has bounced around and is now in the normal range. I am now releaved!

In that seven months I have worked out, but not near any blood draws. I have also dramatically reduced the amount of alcohol I drink to now a drink maybe once every other week with dinner (glass of wine or a beer). Previously I had a glass of wine with most, but not all dinners. I have also been taking milk thistle and eating a low GI diet, (i.e. no sugar, refined flour, white bread, potatoes) and cutting back on supplements.

An ALT of 48 to 61 is a signal, but having been then and now having a normal set of liver enzymes after seven months, I can say that you really shouldn't be loosing sleep over it, even though I was very worried. My ALT started out at 62 in January, then went up to 81 then down to 68 and now most recently 27.

There is a lot of good information on this website in the form of people's stories and if you track some of my posts you might see some of what I have read and found helpful. However, with the exception of a few people there really aren't many folks providing much advice to posts on this website. I feel that the best part of the web information here is see other people's stories and what worked for them.

Good luck to you. Don't give up your distance running, it does a lot of good. What worked for me (an older, slightly overweight guy) may or may not work for you.

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