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hey Bob

I am unsure what alpha 1 is but is can touch a bit o your ALT ....the test its self is slightly elevated. did you have any other liver Functions tests run. like bilirubin, ggt, alk phosphate, LDH, AST, Albumin?

chances are what the liver specialist will do is re run all blood work and run a liver panel and most likely run a cat scan or mri to look closer at the liver and confirm fatty liver DX...

keep us posted on what the dr says

**this is reccomended as advice only a certified DR can make any diagnosis***
Thanks for the reply!

I'm a carrier of Alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency, which means my liver does not make the normal amount of an enzyme which protects your lungs. As a carrier I have sufficient antitrypsin, but some of the antitrypsin it does make is junk and in some cases can lead to liver issues.

From my last liver panel
Total Protein 7.4 (6.5-8.4 normal)
Albumin 5.0 (3.2-4.9 normal)
Bili Total .5
Bii Direct .1
Alk Phos 98 (30-117 normal.) Has been as high as 118 in past.
ALT 55 (0-40 normal)
AST 31 (0-37 normal)

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