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[QUOTE=sarac89;5006091]hi my name is sarah, i have a question to ask about my liver i dont know much its new to me only got the results today and dr did not explain very well to me on what it means he says that i have a little damage to my liver n the levels are high ?? now i dont know what AST OR ALT MEANS but can anyone tell me if i should be worried ? my AST is 56 and my ALT is 99 can anyone help me im really worrieed :([/QUOTE]

I understand your anxiety concerning the results. And if you were like me, when the doc said that the levels were high and there might be some damage, I had no idea what in the world he was talking about with this AST and ALT thing. So I never did ask a question nor did he explain it to me. And all i did was worry.

And now that you have some time to search on the internet, I am sure it did not make you feel any better. you find sites that say it is no big deal to high counts are a death sentence. So here is my suggestion to help with your worries.

First learn all you can about the questions that need to be address. In fact get a notebook and write down things that you come across on the net or talking with people. Next find a specialist like an internal organ or liver specialist. (My doc is a digestive disease specialist). -- He works with liver problems daily unlike most regular MD's. Get an appointment and take ALL your medicines to the visit with you.
While talking with the doctor have you notebook ready with questions. Also he will say things that seem foreign to you like bilirubin, albumin, SGOT, direct or indirect and other terms that docs use everyday they we know nothing about. So ask questions take notes. I have found that is the best way and takes the worry of not knowing what is going on with your body.

the doc may want to get blood from you on your visit, so do not drink alcohol for a week before the appointment nor eat any fatty foods the day before and the day of the appointment. (I do not eat anything the day of the drawing blood even though the doc said it does not effect the results, I always have lower results when I do not eat or eat an early breakfast)

I do not know if you have regular blood work. Most liver problems happen over time, so one rise is an alarm but not always a problem. -- but my humble advise would be see a specialist, tell the doc about ALL your medication (even if you have vices tell him), be ready with questions and even go as far as demanding test like an entire hepatic function panel.

I would say not to worry- but I know that is impossible. Just have knowledge before going to the doc- it helps you worry much less since you know the questions to ask.
Good Luck!

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