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gjet68- Sorry you've had to go through so much and yet to have any answers. That's kind of what I'm afraid of right now. I really don't know much about anything so I don't have much advice to give. My liver enzymes and viral hepatitis had been the only things my doctor in Colorado tested for and it's been almost 5 years now that the enzymes have been mildly elevated. She did send me for an ultrasound in 2009, which came back normal. This past May I had mentioned to her the pain I was having and had been having for a few months and her response was, "well your ultrasound in 2009 came back fine so you must be fine." Well, yes that makes sense. Because if someone didn't have cancer four years ago, they couldn't possibly have cancer now, right? (Not saying I have cancer...not even worried about that...just giving a general example, you know?) At that time, my enzymes were tested again and were just above normal so she told me just to keep an eye on them.

The pain had been worsening which is why I went back to the doctor after moving to Florida. I mentioned my headaches only because my husband urged me to, which the doctor referred me to a neurologist for. I have not gone though and probably won't. We are on Medicaid right now (I'm not working, my husband had lost his job which is when we initially went on Medicaid and his new job doesn't offer insurance) so we pay out of pocket unless it's like a crazy amount of money for an urgent care visit or whatever, then they'll cover it. I haven't had a migraine in a few weeks so I'm kind of just attributing them to stress I was going through.

I haven't mentioned the fatigue to my doctor because I just thought I was a naturally tired person. Well at first I thought it was because I was working 8 hour shifts on my feet all day then coming home to a very active 2 year old running around. Now that my daughter is almost 4 and has mellowed out a bit and I'm not on my feet all day, I shouldn't be so tired. I sit here like, years ago I used to power through workouts 4 hours a day on about 700-800 calories, but now I'm eating well and it's been increasingly difficult to get through 15 minutes of circuit training! We walk 2 miles every night and I just feel so tired. Sweeping the house exhausts me.

I don't know if my CT results are in yet, but I did call my doctor's office to let me know right away when they come in so I can make an appointment and my husband can take time off of work to get me there, that way I don't make an appointment and have to cancel because they're not in. I was told by the hospital they should be in today but we will see.

It's frustrating because the pain is becoming more constant and generally worse. Before it just felt like something was stuck up under my ribcage with an occasional sharp pain. Now it's more like a constant, sore type feeling behind my ribcage and I still get the sharp pains, only stronger.

I would love to be told everything is ok, but then nothing would make sense. Yet I certainly don't want to be told anything is serious!

My symptoms/history in a nutshell are as follows,

- pain in the upper right quadrant, recently been feeling pain on the side of my right ribcage as well, towards the front if that makes sense.
- fatigue, related or not I have no idea.
- itching, though typically just on my legs...sometimes on my arms or lower belly.
- migraines (stress related?)
- midly elevated AST and ALT.
- inflamed liver/coarse looking texture on ultrasound. No diagnosis.
- history of chronic hives.
- autoimmune diseases run in my family.

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