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I was injured during a routine surgery and lost 20 lbs in 10 days. Was transferred to a great hospital, got tpn, and my body returned to normal after 5 surgeries (gallbladder & ileostomy reversal). Last Jan. my liver enzymes were normal but they started going up in Feb (still in the normal range) as I gained weight. I gained an extra 20 lbs by June and my enzymes went up. Ast was normal, Alt was 119 (normal max is 63). In August they went up to 55 and 152. I had a few drinks the two days before. I saw a heptologist at a major teaching hospital (same as I went to get better). My enzymes went down to 57, 112. Lost 8 lbs (155 lbs) and the ast went up to 58, but alt went to 107. I lost 3 more lbs but they shot up to 75 and 140. Dr thought I had fatty liver b/c of the high fat diet that I was on to gain my weight back. I had 2 ultrasounds done in Oct & Jan and they were great. I am negative for Hep. A,B,C,D, no autoimmune hep., no hereditary diseases. Dr is not sure what's causing the levels to go up. She said we can do a biopsy in 6 months if I want for my own mental health as I need to get life insurance and I can have a glass of wine now and again. I ran a half-marathon last month so I am in good shape. I started taking milk thistle and livercare last week. I started taking vitamin c & e in October, too.

Any ideas? This is frustrating plus I am worried that I will have cirrhosis in time. My lifer function is great, as there has been no change in albumin, alk. phos. I have gilbert's syndrome, too. Thanks.

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