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Liver Problems
Aug 30, 2013
I preface with an apology as this may be long. I am a 43 yr. old female that has a history with biliary stones. My gallbladder was removed about 10 yrs. ago and about 8 yrs. ago I started getting painful biliary stones. My doctor performed an ERCP and I was good until about a year ago when I started getting stones again. I went back in for another ERCP but this time it went terribly wrong and I had a perforated duodenum and almost died. I also contracted C-Dif while in the hospital and spent the last 4 mos. battling that. Unfortunately, I am still having some serious issues; extreme pain in liver under right rib cage, spasms in same area, pain in diaphragm barreling thru to and around back, pain in pancreas and nausea/vomiting for the last 2 months which is progressively getting worse. I have a healthy diet, only drink on occasion which has not been lately at all however my cholesterol is high because I'm not breaking down the fat so I am taking 300mg of ursodiol 2x a day. I have been going in for weekly blood work for the last month and have had 2 CT scans which show nothing abnormal. My liver enzymes are very high but everything else seems normal (no hepatitis, not my pancreas, biliary ducts, not jaundice, etc.). I spent the night in the ER doped up on morphine and they wanted to keep me for pain mgmt. which is a total waste of money since they aren't going to be looking for the issue of my illness so I chose pain meds and to suffer it out at home. I am scheduled for an MRI/MRCP so I'm praying they will find some reason for my constant pain and illness and something that can be done. I am curious if anyone else has experienced issues such as this and what it was. I have a very good and well respected GI but I am getting very frustrated at this point.

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