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In simple terms the risen enzymes of AST, ALT and ALP 'could' be an indication but it is like asking if a itchy nose is an indication of an onset of pneumonia. Right now, even though it looks like the enzymes are high, they are what is known as slightly elevated.
My son got hurt playing football breaking a few ribs and bruising him badly. A few weeks later the doctor wanted to do blood work to make sure everything appeared fine with his internal organs. His ALT was in the 290's. I was horrified.
The doctor advised that muscle injuries can cause high levels in the liver enzymes and said that we would check back in a few weeks.
A FEW WEEKS? I did not really know what to do, I kept reading where this could be a damaged liver but the doc assured me that he would be having some pain if the liver was damaged.
Sure enough the next blood work was little over 150 and the next was normal.
I know how waiting can make a person.

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