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Hi everyone,

This is my first post and I am worried and concerned about what my doctor said about MRI results today. I have had two ct scans. One in June without contrast showed an enlarged liver and spleen but no lesions. I also had a small 8 mm nodule on my adrenal gland. My Dr only told me about the adrenal nodule saying it was too small to be causing me any problems. No mention of liver or spleen being enlarged. Last week I ask for a repeat scan and was given another ct scan this time with contrast. I was told that adrenal gland was unchanged but they saw several lesions on my liver and wanted a MRI.
I decided I wanted to see the report myself so I picked it up along with the one done in June.
I was shocked. There is a lot going on that has not even been hinted at. Then I noticed the only things I had been told about were in the summary. My doctor was not reading the whole report just the summery and she was missing a lot. Like the radiologist suggestion back in June for an MRI at that time to check kidney, adrenal and pancreas nodules since they were so small but he was concerned because almost every organ had a nodule or a mass.
I had the MRI and a Doppler on my renal arteries last week.
My kidney doctor called right away with the results of the Doppler and I see a surgeon tomorrow to schedule surgery. But I have not heard from my PCP about my MRI until today a nurse calls and says Dr. XXXX say the MRI came back inconclusive so she wants to repeat it in 6 months. What? I am so confused right now. If I have multiple liver lesions along with enlarge liver and spleen and nodules on every organ in there do you not think there might be another test we could look into? Oh and not to mention all my liver, kidney, and hormone levels are off. My Vit D level was 5, pth 80 and calcium 10.3 so I know have a parathyroid tumor also. But doctor wants me to take 50000 mg calcium and I read that can be dangerous.
So sorry this is so long, I am just scared that she is just dismissing me.

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