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Low ALT level?
Apr 28, 2005
... Is a low ALT level something to worry about? ... (3 replies)
Low ALT level?
May 2, 2005
... I was told that the lab test was normal. I was wondering though why my ALT level would be so much lower than the normal range? ... (3 replies)
... ALT is an enzyme produced in hepatocytes, the major cell type in the liver. ALT is often inaccurately referred to as a liver function test, however, its level in the blood tells little about the function of the liver. ... (1 replies)

... Therapy a year back. During my treatment my ALT and AST levels went up to 4000 marks, almost 100 times higher than normal levels and later dropped to below 100 but always remained higher than normal. ... (0 replies)
... insurance and my doctor is not worried at all. In fact, my doctor specifically said that he is not worried because I display no symptoms of liver disease and my ALT is only slightly elevated. ... (2 replies)
Low ALT level
Nov 10, 2013
... I am pretty sure that a LOW alt is actually good news, it is when it is high that is not good. If the meds were hurting your liver your alt would be high. ... (3 replies)
ALT up????
Apr 7, 2009
... but my ALT level was 112. ... (0 replies)
Low ALT level
Nov 11, 2013
... equipment used in different labs. I dont think any lab has a normal alt reference range that goes into the hundreds though. ... (3 replies)
Low ALT level
Nov 10, 2013
... I recently had a blood panel done. My ALT Ref. ... (3 replies)
... It sounds exactly what i am going through currently. ALT level is 72 when it should be below 40. I have been burping and feeling really run down. ... (9 replies)
... ALT is the enzyme produced within the cells of the liver. The level of ALT abnormality is increased in conditions where cells of the liver have been inflamed or undergone cell death. ... (7 replies)
... Last January after a physical I was told my platelet levels and ALT levels were off. ... (2 replies)
... Is having a AST level a few points higher than ALT concerning at all when they are both low? ... (3 replies)
... Hi, I have low functioning gallbladder with no gall stones found back in December 2016, so I decided not to remove it since I had only one not so bad attack. ... (1 replies)
... ___also posted to Hep board___ duplicate message________ Ok, hello experts…I hope you can offer some guidance, ideas, or advice, anything would be appreciated. I will try to make this as concise as possible, if you think you could help me if you knew more details, please just say the words, b/c I do HAVE more details! First of all my liver enzymes AST and ALT are both... (0 replies)
... I have no symptoms at all except for the abnormally high AST and ALT numbers. ... (6 replies)
Low ALT level
Nov 10, 2013
... Thank you... Can you tell me why the ranges vary so much in laboratories for the range? I looked online and they are all in the hundreds... (3 replies)
... So, that's why your doctor wants to low your liver enzymes. ... (14 replies)
ALT of 158 and 154
Nov 16, 2006
... I was diagnosed with fatty liver infiltration, so I didn't need to progress to getting a biopsy done immediately. What happened for me was that I went on a very low fat diet, rich with fruit, veg and grilled fish as well as getting into a regular exercise regime. ... (3 replies)
... sounds like you need some "mom comfort". Some viruses take a few weeks to get rid of, and if it's getting better but your stress level is up it will prolong the symtpoms. Keep trying to eat. ... (21 replies)

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