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High ALT results
Oct 16, 2006
... Hi~~ I just had a question about my liver enzyme test---I have had higher than normal results for years, I guess it was about 4 1/2 years ago that I first found out that I was high on the ALT and AST tests, and from there, they tested me for Hep C, and it came out positive, but it ended up being a mistake in the lab because all subsequent tests came out negative, and the... (1 replies)
High ALT results
Oct 16, 2006
... An ALT of 45 is very mildly elevated and whilst there's an underlying cause, 45 is definitely nothing to be stressed over. ... (1 replies)
... I had two blood panels taken about 45 days apart. The first time the AST and ALT levels were well within the normal range, and the second test shows "slightly elevated liver enzymes. ... (0 replies)

... L and reactive for HAV IGG. However, at the time the my doctor never discuissed the results of the second test and it went by the wayside. Somehow the results made it into my record down the road and now I am curious about them, especially since the recent test is also showing elevevated levels. ... (2 replies)
... Since the lab's range for ALT is 5 to 52, a value of 68 is "high," but about 1.3 times the high value. ... (13 replies)
Jul 21, 2006
... the dr wants me to come in 3 weeks to restest all above. she says the alt should be no higher than 45. i am so scared and have researched the liver and alt test. ... (4 replies)
... Dr. say that it is just simple Fatty Liver because no inflamation was seen on US and 1 Dr. says it is NASH. ALT of 70 is in range for my lab. ... (2 replies)
... and had some blood tests run and everything other than the AST and ALT are normal... ... (1 replies)
... th a muscular build and enjoy HIIT workouts. Due to family history of CAD, I get regular physicals over the past 6 years and keep track of my results. My cardiac results are within range with some tinkering, but my liver tests make me nervous. My doctor does not seem to be concerned. ... (1 replies)
... whichever ranges your labs use, it will be on the results page. ... (3 replies)
... Some history....I had surgery for precancerous cells on my cervix a year ago. I haven't had my period since then. I went to the gyno and she ran blood work. Here was the findings: BUN 30 (high) BUN/Creatinine Ratio 36 (high) sodium, potassium, chloride, carbon dioxide, calcium, protein total, albumin, globulin, albumin/globulin ratio, bilirubin total, alkaline... (0 replies)
... Hey All, I'm new to the board and have been trying to get help through my doctors but only recently found one that is actually interested in helping me. However, I'm worried that it is taking too long and very concerned that there is something seriously wrong. I'll try and make this short: - I'm 30 and when I was 12 I had my Gallbladder removed via laparoscope due to... (0 replies)
... days a week 45 minutes on elliptical trainer. I have lost 10 lbs over the past two weeks, but I attribute that to dry mouth and food not tasting good. I have an appetite. ... (7 replies)
... i am concerned with the ALT being 5 pts. higher. i feel fine. i do have borderline high cholesterol and triglycerides. i do take blood pressure meds and lexapro. any thoughts please!!!! ... (0 replies)
... @ralph2014, yeah I am now trying to get rid of the fatty liver, total lifestyle changes blood results: bilirubin 19 (range 22) iron 14 (range 9-30) saturation 0.24 (range 0.20-0.50) tibc 58 (range 45-77) ast 36 (range <37) alt 50 (range <46) (13 replies)
... weeks my partner has said that my skin and eyes look yellow. Recently I had a blood test and the Liver results were very high. ... (4 replies)
Test results.
Jan 6, 2005
... I recently had my thyroid out. They took blood the week before. I got a copy of my results. I am on inderal la (beta blocker) and was taking iodine for the week leading up to surgery...which reduces thyroid function for a short period of time. When they took my blood I had a bad cold- maybe the flu? I am not sure which lasted about 1 week. My RBC, HgB, HCT and MCV... (2 replies)
... I don't drink liquor often (maybe 2-3 times a year). But my liver panel was abnormal today. Liver is pretty sensitive to the touch. My WBC are also pretty high, but doctor says WBC might be caused by mono (I've had it before though). ALT (SGPT) 8-45 IU/L 54 AST (SGOT) 2-40 IU/L 61 Any ideas? (0 replies)
... I'm as confused as you are. I am 45 years old and a beer drinker on a regular basis. ... (3 replies)
... GP told me to quit this certain brand of vitamins, and to stop the tylenol and wine to see what new numbers bring. The new numbers dropped slightly down to AST 45 and ALT 65. ... (5 replies)

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