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... Have you been taking any medication for the high AST and ALT results? ... (2 replies)
... My AST and ALT levels keeps getting higher. ... (7 replies)
... AST levels were ok in September'07, maybe i guess nothings changed now. ... (0 replies)

... m glad you have enjoyed my "posts"... just trying to help!!!! After getting a Blood Test earlier this year I had results that were way "higher than normal"...... AST 147, ALT 71 and a Cholesterol of 281... NOT GOOD RESULTS ... who knows why... I was in a car accident a week before the test... I hadnt been eating well... ... (21 replies)
... Hi Meatball..... Hope you are feeling better........ No I dont mind at all..... About two months ago I had a blood test and my Cholesterol came back at 280 (bad), My Ast came back at 147 (Bad), and my ALT came back at 74 (also Bad). After a month or so of supplements I retested, my latest results were Cholesterol 180 (Good), Ast down to 50 (Still high), and my Alt came back... (21 replies)
Elevated ALT/AST
Feb 26, 2008
... Anyone want to take any guesses on narrowing down the "large pool" of possibilities of what it could be? ... (0 replies)
... alt levels also climbed into the 1,000's. I too was extremely worried. ... (4 replies)
... most all the diagnostic tests and I will ask my doc tomorrow to repeat the ct scan. MY GI asked me to quit drinking alcohol for 4 weeks to see if that brings my levels back down. ... (4 replies)
... even after your gallbladder is out. If your liver is enlarged it won't go down overnight. ... (21 replies)
... Hi Meatball - what an unusual "handle"...... where did you get that one ?? Every time your GP gets you to do a blood test, you should ask for a copy of the results and put all test results into a permanent "file" of your own. Your GP says your first test was normal, but you dont have the actual results to compare with the second test. You have a right to request a copy of any... (21 replies)
... I am a 27 year old female who has been pretty healthy all my life with the exception of some sinus infections here and there. Two weeks ago I came down with a 102 fever and felt so sick. I went to my gp the folowing day where he took a cbc, liver panel all which came back normal. ... (21 replies)
... Do i need to rush down to a specialist now? ... (1 replies)
... I am curious if a single, isolated incident of cocain use can temporarily raise ALT and AST levels? ... (3 replies)
... John, I almost fit your profile exactly. I am: male age 43 150 lbs. 5' 6" high cholesterol (200) ALT 92 AST 45 (still in normal range) (4 replies)
... and the ast and alt. Do you think that's weird? ... (21 replies)
... meatball--I'm so sorry you've been feeling so crummy. On top of that you get thrown a curve ball and get some high numbers for liver enzymes...really scary. Your nervous reaction is common. A virus can and usually will elevate liver enzymes, and any meds you take are filtered through the liver so it only makes sense they will elevate your numbers as well. Put them... (21 replies)
... Hi Happyelf, Happyman here........ Isnt the HealthBoard a wonderful forum.... Thank you for the kind comments regarding my advice... We all help each other with our suggestions and advice..... You really have helped Meatball........ Never heard the posts on your troubles... hope all is well... God Bless :) :) :) (21 replies)
... Meatball--I'm so glad to hear you're eating--(keeping it down?) Hang in there...Monday will come soon enough(don't want ot rush the weekend! ;) ) TheHappyMan had a great idea-about getting a copy of your test results. (He's VERY knowledgeable w/great ideas, and I always learn something when I read his posts.) It can't hurt--keeping a record of your results so YOU know... (21 replies)
... If you have to eat and throw up 4 times and the fifth time it stays down, that's a start. It will turn around and you will soon be holding down more than not. ... (21 replies)
... him about this. That is a huge relief to know that this elevation isn't the end of the world. They have had me terrified. My numbers have slowly started to come down but at this rate it's going to take months and no one knows the cause yet. Thank you again! ... (3 replies)

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