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... I am a 46 year old mother of two and have had high GGT levels for over 15 years. ... (1 replies)
... most all the diagnostic tests and I will ask my doc tomorrow to repeat the ct scan. MY GI asked me to quit drinking alcohol for 4 weeks to see if that brings my levels back down. ... (4 replies)
... By July 2016 they had gone up to 2 to 3 times the normal range. ... (11 replies)

... GGT of 310 in a nearly teetotal patient is distressing, but still it is fortunate you discovered this. Many doc's don't include GGT in routine labs. ... (2 replies)
... I am looking for some information on why I have such high levels of GGT and ALT. ... (3 replies)
... I just read about this because they are doing the same test on me. GGT is nothing to usually worry about by it self if raised. It is only a real concern if you have other levels raised such as Alkaline phosphate, AST, or ALT. ... (2 replies)
High Iron Levels
Jan 31, 2015
... An unhappy liver should result in elevated enzymes, though they wouldn't be dramatic until iron gets very high. The GGT enzyme would be the most sensitive marker for this, but the GGT is not commonly included in routine blood labs. ... (9 replies)
... Hi everyone :) For the past month or so I've been having bad diarrhea. I went to the doctor and got my blood drawn. Some levels were elevated (I don't know the exact numbers) so he asked me to get my blood drawn once a week. The last report had even higher numbers than the previous 2 tests. Here are some of the numbers marked as "out of range" (normal range in... (9 replies)
... was my sgpt and when the gastro called with all the blood results he said it was slightly higher. The weird thing is, my alk and ggt and ldh are all in normal range. ... (21 replies)
... The ALT is in the normal range. And so is the GGT. THats a good thing. THe pain could be the galbladder. Have you had it checked out? ... (10 replies)
... New to the board,but looking for some thoughts. My wife recently had a blood test done to qualify for insurance. Here liver enzyme levels came back really high. I don't have those exact numbers, but a few weeks later she coincidentally had another blood test for a work wellness program. ... (2 replies)
Aug 17, 2006
... degree, the heart and other tissues. It is useful in diagnosing liver function more so than SGOT levels. Decreased SGPT in combination with increased cholesterol levels is seen in cases of a congested liver. ... (3 replies)
... Liver function tests represent a broad range of normal functions performed by the liver. ... (7 replies)
... epped to do that GGT as well since as i mantioned above, and also i did a double look at ALLLLLL my sons and my liver labs agin too just to double check, andthat GGT IS most definitely an 'add on" type test, unless your particular doc actually jusdt routinwely adds this into all HIS hepatic panesl,ya know what i mean? ... (3 replies)
... if i am recalling right, that GGT is usually not a normal standard part of the basic hepatic panel when ordered, its like an "add on" test the doc would ask for? ... (3 replies)
... So on Monday Feb 2 I had bloodwork done for a life insurance policy we were getting. I got a copy of the results and noticed the GGT and ALT were elevated. ... (4 replies)
... This is an enzyme made in the bile ducts. High levels may mean problems with the liver's bile ducts. ... (66 replies)
... Your ALT, AST and even GGT look great... Especially with ALT well above AST. ... (12 replies)
... Your enzyme levels are mildly elevated, but should be repeated, especially if your pain is continuing. ... (9 replies)
... out of range and nears double ALT this is a major red flag for advanced alcoholic liver disease. ... (9 replies)

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