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... Have you had any blood work done? Let us know how the ultrasound comes back! (106 replies)
... Hi I am having a pain below my right rib cage, its been a week no other symptoms apart from pain and occasional doesnt pain when i press directly on it.. the pain is intermittent.. what could this be? ... (106 replies)
... Hello i all, i can't believe i have found you all. I am very nervous lately its been one thing after another with me. I have had chronic mastioditis in right ear and am deaf in right ear cause of it. In april i ended up with 2 ruptured disk and one herniated. ... (294 replies)

... I am currently experiencing pain under my right rib cage,that barely ever goes away. It starts after breakfast ,lasts all day, the pain actually moves from front to right side and to the back,then I feel it under my right shoulder blade. ... (294 replies)
... Hi! I am new to this site so bare with me. I have experienced pain in my right rib cage for four years now. I am 29 years old. My liver enzymes would go up and down also as high as in the thousands. Last year I saw a liver specialist wwho did alot of blood work and liver biospy. ... (294 replies)
... (3 replies)
... Lately I have developed a pain on the right hand side of my rib cage, about 3 to 4 inches right of the centre and about 2 inches below the last rib cage. The position is constant. ... (3 replies)
... I've read all the postings here and my story sounds like so many of them that I'm shocked. My pain started around 3 years ago. It has been fairly constant since that time. I have had off and on elevated liver enzymes. ... (294 replies)
... trying to figure out what the discomfort under my right rib cage was. I may have figured mine out. I started having a strange full feeling in the liver area right after a mammagram showed signs of cancer. ... (294 replies)
... Hi! I had a fall in June of 2004 and fell on my right rib cage. I had pain and pressure that lasted for quite sometime....being a nurse I knew that there wasnt much I could do. ... (294 replies)
... have had all the same tests as the rest of you. I even had a surgery in April, 2004 to remove 2 inches of my rib which was protruding out from the rest of my ribs. It was absolutely no help. ... (294 replies)
... I too have been experiencing pain under my right rib area accompanied by a terrible sickness for almost two years. ... (294 replies)
... Hi all, sometimes when i wake up, and do the full body stretch in bed, I get a pain in the area below my right rib cage. Is that liver pain? ... (0 replies)
... I'm a Newbie to this site and have read all the submissions to date concerning "lower right pain below rib cage" and thought I might add something of value to those of you who have had extensive tests without the benefit of positive results. ... (294 replies)
... Hello, I've been a lurker for awhile. I'm a 50 year old male who is experiencing the same right side mystery rib cage pain. Seems like most of us are experiencing the same thing but in diffrent degrees. I can't really describe mine as a pain. ... (294 replies)
... alas, a group of people with similar pain issues... ... (294 replies)
... I have been experiencing these same symptoms for going on 8 years. It can start with pain in the lower right rib cage and then start radiating from there. It turns into severe heart burn and my ribs become very tender, even bruised feeling. ... (294 replies)
... I've been having sharp pains under the right rib cage, but more toward the breast bone stemming from the sternum around to the back and boy does it hurt! ... (294 replies)
... Hello fellow lower rib pain suffers... ... (294 replies)
... ripping" pain below my lower right rib came back and stayed this time. ... (294 replies)

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