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... thout help for the pain. The GI doc sent me for an MRI and MRCP to rule out stones in the bile duct. He called today and told me the ducts are clear but I have a spot on my liver. He wants me to go for an ultrasound now. ... (2 replies)
... have yet to have surgery though. During the ultrasound for the gallbladder they detected a "spot" on my liver. Got a ct scan. Doctor said it does not look like a formed tumor... suspects fatty infiltration. ... (2 replies)
... ks ago that came out of nowhere and was followed by pain in my right lower rib cage, close to my sternum. My GI doc sent me in for an ultrasound, which showed a spot on my liver. My family doc. wants me to go in for an MRI, but I'm due to see the GI doc on Tuesday re. ... (1 replies)

Spot on liver
Jul 1, 2017
... Hi I'm so worried at the moment. I suffer with crohns so was sent for an MRI on my small bowel. This was done 4 months ago. ... (0 replies)
... Hi I recently had an abdominal ultrasound done and the doctor called today to tell me they found a small spot on my liver. They are going to order an MRI to better determine what it is. Is this normal procedure? ... (1 replies)
... Today I had a doctors appointment and I was told I have a growth on my liver. I went in for tests about a month ago because of pain that I keep having on my left side....just like yours that comes and goes. I read your first post and it sounded EXACTLY like what I'm going through, same symptoms and all. ... (17 replies)
... I went in for a dull achey pain in my upper right abdomin. I was thinking possibly gallbladder and they did take some blood for testing. I went today for the ultrasound and they found a spot on my liver which my doctor said is causing the pain. Now I need to schedule an MRI for hopefully next week. ... (1 replies)
... CT or MRI is the best way to determine a mass, but if the mass is uncharacteristic then it's wise to follow up with ultrasound. Ultrasound is another tool to assist the doctor in determining the type of mass. ... (2 replies)
Liver spot found
Aug 8, 2008
... I am 34 years old and was having gall bladder symptoms and on ultrasound they found a spot on my liver. After a ct scan, liver collied scan, and a mri, they determined it was a hepatatic adenoma. This had to be removed. ... (15 replies)
Liver mass
Jun 28, 2011
... is "atypical" gallbladder pain. I have pain under my right ribs that is dull and more of a pressure type feeling that sometimes feels somewhat better if I press on it. ... (3 replies)
... the 'norm' ranges should be listed ON the lab sheet to the far R usually, not all labs ranges are spot on the same. ... (7 replies)
... Sorry you are not feeling well. Strange that nothing was found on the ultrasound or CT scan. I have the same feeling, a dull aching pain in my right side upper abdomin. ... (1 replies)
Liver spot found
Aug 7, 2008
... I just had an ultrasound done to check out gall bladder from symptoms I had of that. That came back normal but they found a spot on my liver. I am 32 yof, I am overweight but I do exercise everyday. ... (15 replies)
... Ultrasound revealed a 'dark spot" in liver and liver is enlarged.......... ... (0 replies)
... ms to feel slightly tingly or almost numb. That area actually felt kind of like a numbing sensation inside all day yesterday. My platelet count is 107,000 and my liver enzymes have stayed elevated. ... (106 replies)
Liver Lesion
Dec 8, 2008
... If the doc says it is nothing to worry about then it is likely that the lesion is a liver hemangiomas. They generally do not cause symptoms and are found incidentally when an ultrasound, CT scan or MRI of the abdomen is completed. ... (1 replies)
Liver Tumor
Apr 25, 2004
... I am guessing they did an ultrasound to see the mass that you have right? ... (21 replies)
... It does help Mari, thank you. I guess I won't really be able to stop worrying until the doctor tells me there's nothing to worry about. (2 replies)
... My father, 50yo, went to have an ultrasound done on his gallbladder. During the appointment, they also checked his liver and found a large spot. ... (0 replies)
... I have had some high Liver enzymes in the past, and was told I had a fatty liver, but my last few blood labs were normal and I stopped taking milk thistle. ... (7 replies)

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