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I'm having one of these in a few weeks and as a former smoker, I'm a little nervous myself. At the time my pcp ordered it, I thought it odd how she made a point to stress not to be alarmed at the initial findings. It sounds like finding benign granulomas is somewhat common. Still I am glad to have this tool for earlier diagnosis in a worse case scenario where the difference may mean saving your life.

Of course, further testing will be needed when nodules are found. I know it's easier to tell someone not to worry until the results of all testing come back than to actually follow that same advice, but please try to calm your fears until you get all the answers you need. And though the decision to continue smoking is yours and yours alone I hope you will consider quitting. I've found that by quitting one day at a time and then repeating the same tomorrow is all that's needed for a long term and permanent quit that gets easier the longer you hang on.

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