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Hi there,

I am writing here because I believe that I either have lung cancer or another worrying disease to do with my lungs.

I am a 20 year old woman and I have been smoking properly since I was around 16years old (although I had tried cigarettes before then).

I do not smoke as much as others, I smoke thin roll ups with filters, around 10-15 a day (I know i need to stop, I am in the process of hopefully doing this).

I have however had the constant need to clear my lungs/throat for quite some time now. I can't even honestly remember how long but I know it is now an issue as my family are commenting on it and so are my work mates. I get very paranoid about it now and then when i notice i am doing it, the urge to do it becomes bigger.

I also sometimes have this constant sensation in my lungs, its not painful but I feel like the right description would be that its a burning feeling (i am not good with words to explain this, sorry)

What should i do. Am i right to worry?

I couldnt bear going to the doctors and being told bad news.

My sister believes i should just go to the pharmacy and get some cough syrup as it is a dry cough?

Please help.

Thank you xx

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