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As I told my Dad on his final day of the journey with us "its all OK" and it is. He did not have any 'final' symptoms. His symptoms at diagnosis were loss of weight and a burning sensation in his thigh. Otherwise he was fit..walking and swimming till early January.

He was diagnosed with what we were told was early stage NSCLC on 19 December 2003, and told on Christmas Eve it was Stage 4. For the first few weeks thereafter he was extremely well, as one doctor told him "if I didn't know you mate (bless the Aussie Doctors!), I'd never know you were sick". So true. Since Christmas, he lost more weight but soon managed to stabilise this. We were told he should lose his appetite, but for him, no way. Since Christmas, he had a craving for the most creamy, luxurious and expensive icecream..oh, and pizzas..he'd manage a whole family size pizza until only a few days prior to his passing.

Many treatments of radiotherapy agreed with him. However, he seemed to respond badly to the single chemo treatment he received (he was due for more though). He was so well for the first few days after chemo, that we joked about it..then after 5 days he got a temperature of 38 degrees c., started saying he could not breathe, and developed another infection over one he had just recovered from.

This led to several complications (in less than a week >> fluid on the lung, heart attack (and he had no prior heart problems), haemorrhage of the lung, and tumour spreading to the heart). It was these in addition to the Lung Cancer and an infection that abruptly ended his wonderful life. He quite simply did not have a chance to get over one complication before another one appeared. His mind and spirit were with him to the last breath.

My Mum, Brother and I were so fortunate to be with him, providing encouragement and willing him to be at Peace when he was ready. We told him many wonderful stories. We also thanked him for never giving up. I am the proudest daughter, he is my eternal hero, now in Peace.

I had the chance to say goodbye, and this has helped immensely. I will remain in contact with you all and wish you my best. Thank you so much for your kind words of support.

Stay Strong

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