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[B]Gail[/B]...My positive attitude is not always genuine; but it helps. We are all only human and there is no shame in having bad days thru this ordeal. The key is to try to convince yourself, and especially your husband, that it is a fight that CAN and MUST be won. In time you will be able to do this, probably very soon after you feel like you have some control over cancer by getting the treatment started. Allow yourself the time to grieve for yourselves, even if I weren't going thru this cancer nightmare, a good cry has always been theraputic. Call me nuts! And when we have great news to celebrate, count me in on a roadtrip to meet you and your husband halfway between Cincinnati and Lexington for a celebration dinner!

[B]lfcash[/B] to your question about what alerted us to lung cancer; we didn't know anything was wrong. As with most lung cancers, until it had metastized elsewhere (the brain in our case) and created problems, it was undetected. We were fortunate in that the air pressure on an outbound flight at the start of our vacation caused an increase in pressure on his brain and he began having headaches from the brain mets. Upon our return home the headaches were so severe that we went straight to the ER and within four hours the tests showed a brain tumor AND another tumor on the lung. He had the brain tumor removed the following day and pathology reports confirmed it was non-small cell adenocarcinoma. My advice is that if you have any concerns, seek treatment from a physician for a diagnosis; at the very least it will give you peace of mind. Good luck!
Reading your post was scary for me; it was almost like you were inside my heart and mind and knew everything I was feeling. I have to say that I completely agree with you that the support from this board, and others like it, have been monumental in getting me thru bad days and making me appreciate the good ones. When you posted that you were afraid for Scott to see you cry and your reasons, I understood what you were saying, but part of me is also afraid that if he doesn't see me cry....will he know how desperately I love him? I know that is crazy and he knows he is my world, but I always have some small piece of me that feels guilty when I am strong. I'm loosing my mind some days! Thank you so much for your support here, I hope we call all help you as you heal.

I have been reading some of your posts. This is a horriable disease, it will take your heart and soul if you let it. There are going to be so many good news bad news days ahead of you. Try to keep a positive attitude, prayer is a great way to find peace of mind and body. I will add you and your family to our prayer list at my church. Mircles happen everyday, LadyJ can attest to this. There are so many loving people on these boards that will wrap their hearts around you. I have gone through this exact senerio with my parents both of them, lung C with mets to the brain. God will never give you more than you can handle (sometimes its hard to beleive) but it is true. I pray for a sence of calm and healing for your family.

God bless you and yours
I hope you can rest prior to him being admitted, so you can be their ..due to the shortage in nursing staff many things go un attended to, like walking, coughing,drinking fluids, staying on top of the pain control...
For us he was in surgery 9 hours then recovery about another 1.5 hours.. then he went to ICU for a day then to the main floor. They removed his upper right lung, 8 lymph nodes. He didnt require a vent... Clint had an 11" cut in his upper back and two large tubes draining/possitive pressure from his right lower back area..a catherter...Iv's.. In ICU he may need o2 till his o2 sats stablize and also if allot of blood loss, a blood transfusion (clint didnt require one)Feel free to ask WHY.. what meds they are giving and what they are for....
I chose to stay in the hospital the entire time.. I gloved and changed his dressings (the overlay ones) to keep them dry..and changed his blue pads on the bed. I bugged him to drink lots of fluids..Blow in his sphignometer (sp?)walked him as much as he could tolerate with the use of pushing a wheel chair so when he tired he could sit and I could push him back, (I avoided areas in the hospital with airborn illnesses like flu etc and isolation patients)walking is essential (when he is cleared to do so) to decrease the chances of clotting in the legs.. the first few days I removed the elastic stockings and would massage his legs avoiding the calfs and have him move them in bed..even to get up and sit in a chair is an effort for awhile, but good for venus return.
DO DO DO be picky about staff washing their hands!! I had one nurse attempt to use gloves to change the dressing that hung above the toliet.. I stopped her by pointing out Clints neighbor and I used that bathroom and that it is proven urine 'splatter' reaches far from the toliet and I reminded her "isnt this suppose to be sterile technique"? Even a Dr. pulled off the old dressing and began to apply a new dressing to the wounds without regloving up. to which I also reminded him politley all the staff has been using sterile tech. He stopped and went and got sterile gloves and started over. STAND YOUR GROUND.....they need to use sterile tech after they remove the old dressing.... consider the drainage tubes "PORTS of entry" for bugs into the body..proactive is better than having to be reactive. and with a urine catherter in and IV plus the airborn things we deal with... sterile gloves isnt much to ask....
Clint had a shared room which latter I found out if it would have been possible he should have had a single *sigh* When people would visit the other patient I drew the curtain,not only for privacy but incase they coughed.. sneezed etc..Clints immune system was so nill after the months of chemo and also surgery...
Try to rest as best you can .. when he gets home he will also need your help. Be aware of his temperature.. If he feels warm when you kiss his temple let the staff know.. even after your home..
After getting out of the hospital (5 days) the second day after being home .. I just happened to kiss his temple before leaving to grocery shop and he was burning up...he had 104. 6 fever, I ran him to the hospital he was admitted and put on 2 strong antibiotics. The local hospital was surprised when I told them that they had put him in a room with another person after his surgery. Knowing his type of surgery and such a low immune system. (lesson learned) After two days of receving IV's he got to come home with a 'port' left in his hand and I drove him in daily to continue the full 10 days.
I hope I have helped and not did the opposite ... I hope this will help you to prepare yourself. I became so tired from helping him stand (he is 6'4) and doing his cares....But the staff even apologized for not having the time and thanked me (nursing shortage). Even the man next to Clint went without pain meds for over two hours and I had to keep bugging them that no one had refilled his morphine pump.
And Please do ask, question and watch what they are doing. I kept a journel.. when what was given and why ,by who...Better safe than sorry....
He is now cured' We are so grateful.. God has allowed us to see more sunsets! After he healed form the surgery he did another round of chemo also.
He still tires and has some pain.. but has been ok'd to go back to work (which he worked in industiral bad air) so he is looking for a new job)....He had started out with stage 3 B then moved to stage 3 a.. and now "cured" his was by the aorta, and in lymph...Never give up hope.. Im one who belives in the power of prayer.....I also find peace in beliving we all have a 'set' date with our maker given on the day we where born, till then I will do all I can humanly do to seek peace in that fact...not that I dont have my 'days' and I have lots of questions for him one day ...:)
Ill be praying for your family. God bless Mattie

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