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[QUOTE=renee_ky]SOCA- My husband did not experience this. Sorry, wish I could be of help with this.[/QUOTE]


Just another unknown with this disease that has many more questions than answers. My wife's med onc initially speculated that this might be due to a tumor irritating the diaphragm. Now ~ 6 months later he concludes that it's nothing. He doesn't even consider it a symptom. Too infrequent and not getting any worse. Maybe just a burp being misinterpreted as a gasp. The whole thing is crazy. Stage 4 NSCLC dx'd in May with mets to the brain, spine, pelvis, femurs etc. and no identifiable resp. symptoms at all. ( I don't know of anyone with a dx comparable to my wife's that has absolute NO resp. symptoms by now ). How bout you ? No brain symptoms either. Just some persistent low back, hip pain that her doctors are largely attributing to her lower spine surgery ( incl. Gemzar-induced radiation recall over one of the surgical incisions ). Factor out the surgical pain and she's essentially symptom free. But, on paper it continues to look grim and she shouldn't even be alive. Go figure. Maybe this message can give hope to others. I give up trying to get a handle on her condition. I have a 6 inch stack of plain film x-rays, CT scans, MRIs, with radiology, hematology, urinalysis reports and all of this diagnostic stuff has had very little influence on medical opinion. It always boils down to how do you feel ? How's your performance ? What are your symptoms ? And, are you gaining weight ? Favorable answers to these questions is all they need to hear to give the thumbs up. Not complaining. Just illustrating how crazy and confusing this disease can be from one patient to the next.

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