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Some of you may know me from the cervical cancer board as I am myself dealing with cervical dysplasia. I am posting for my father this time. In september, he almost choked on a piece of steak and a waiter in a restaurant had to do the heimlich maneuver. After that his rib area started hurting, so he went to see a doc in october to see if maybe he had a broken rib. the doc did chest-xrays as a part of many tests, and he was told everything was fine. But this past Friday, he received a letter saying he should come back for more tests because the x-ray had reveiled a "small growth in the tube in one of the lungs, other lung looked clear" (this is how he explained it to me when we spoke, he didnt have the letter in front of him).

I am so frightened this is lung cancer, and i am just trying to get any info because i am so new to this and dont know much. i have done some research online, but i have a couple of questions. I am frightened because many of the posts I have read have said that when a patient was first diagnosed, it was already at a late stage. My father has no symptoms, except he has lost a little weight in the past couple years, but very little. No cough, no wheezing at all. Good health. He is 70. But he has been smoking for many years. I am just confused, is it possible to have no symptoms and have a late stage of lung cancer without even knowing it? Also, is it possible to get benign growths in the lungs, like one can on the ovaries etc? is this common?

Any info is greatly appreciated. My father is like a best friend and I am just so frightened. Thank you!!

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