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Al, As always my heart breaks for you and everyone else who meets here...I can only tell you what we did. Clint had stage 3 b non small cell ca. He had chemo to shrink it enough to remove it from his left upper lung. It had spread to 3 lymph nodes.and was wrapped around part of his aorta. After 10 hours in surgery, he also finished off with another round of chemo.We read all we could and talked to anyone who would give advice.
He Stopped all sugar as best he could.
he tried to keep his body alkaline (non acidic)
he used Issac Tea
no processed foods
he ate apricot pits (from the health food store, I had read the book "left to die" and he decided to eat 7 pits a day (since they do contain a toxin also)
He drink liquid vitamins
We watched TONS of humourus vidios (even through tears sometimes)
He felt so much more free once he had his will done, had wrote the children letters etc..That seemed to give him a stronger will and less fear of the unknown.
He rested when ever he felt tired
He drank lots of h20
He has been free of cancer a year March 1st. Latly his liver tests havent come back as they should, and he still tires easy. To drink a beer makes him vomit. But we are thankful for each days gift. We both have cried alone and together, knowing it can rear its ugly head anytime.
I wish you the best in getting info yo can use, I know for us it was like finding our way in a maze, with so many different options, and not knowing if picking the wrong one could cost him his life.
I was a child raised by a mom as yourself, she to was hard working, always giving, it didnt seem fair when she was taken. I know how you are struggling inside, almost in dispare. But do know we are all here for you. Each with so many things to offer, Come here often, reach out... someone will take your hand, lend a shoulder. Many carried me in my darkest hours on this board. I am so grateful for this site. It is an excellant resource also. I will be praying for you and your family. Mattie

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