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I am new here and frantically searching the Internet for information on lung cancer and its prognosis.

My husband, who is 47, but otherwise healthy and has smoked many years, went into the hospital one week two days ago for what we thought was pneumonia, it turned out to be pneumonia, and they found a tumor in his left lung, one on his adrenal gland, and the lung fluid and his heart fluid {He had bloody fluid around the heart sac} were tested and came back as malignant. :(

His blood ox had dropped and he had to have surgery to put drain tubes in each lung and his heart...he had pleurodesis - one Saturday in the lung with the pneumonia/tumor...and one yesterday on his other lung. They used talc...he was in agony...I feel so helpless and so shocked and so so sad...he is my whole life.

We have been told so many different stories...our heads are spinning...the oncologist saw him yesterday and he had an MRI this morning to see if perhaps it is coming from the brain as they don't believe the tumor in the lung or the tumor on his adrenal gland is causing this. They just DON'T know WHERE the cancer is originating....they said the tumor in his lung is teeny....and the one on his adrenal gland is the size of a quarter..but they, for some reason, do not believe that is where it originated if that is the gosh did it spread and God only knows what the prognosis will be.

He is improving, but he has fevers he cannot shake so they ran blood and urine tests today..he got out of that bed today and walked for the first time....they had put him in a chair a few times...but see he was hooked up w/the three drain he could not walk around w/those, and they are out now.

I am scared to death. I am drained and sad and scared and I get ups and downs...I get real up thinking this won't be so bad and he will beat it and get all better...then I get so low - thinking 'the worst'...up and down, down and up...WOW....this IS torture on me and the family - but NOTHING like what he has dealt with...he has it worse than we do. We just feel so helpless.

It is hard enough hearing the cancer is present....but when it has SPREAD...and they don't know WHERE it is originating is a lot of waiting and wondering...hoping and praying.

I still think the pneumonia was a blessing in disguise as if he never got it - we would not know...and it would be too late when he found out...but it might be too late now...see they are in this major catch 22 here due to his heart...IF that fluid accumulates again...he can die....heart attack, heart failure, etc. So they keep a close eye on it and if it does start to accumulate - they need to drain it again...he cannot handle general again....that was rough on him. He woke up out of general flipping out and they had to tie him down...he has truly been traumatized...he is in a state of disbelief...he told me tonight he wants to get the heck out of there and go back to work and do his chemo weekly...but will he have that chance....we don't know...but he is strong and positive and we are a very positive, we pray and hope for the best and keep his spirits UP.

This is so hard...I just don't have a good feeling about this...I have prepared myself for the worst...but I am holding on to hope...and I will grab anything in between.

He said the pleurodesis was the most painful feeling he ever had in his life and he wanted to die it was so bad...he grabbed on to the bedrails and just cringed in agony...I HATE THAT HE IS SUFFERING...he is too good a man to have to endure that pain.

Well tomorrow we should know the MRI result to see if the cancer is in the brain...God only knows what we will find out tomorrow. There are just so many doctors - 8 - and they are not communicating well w/one I need to ask each of them what the heck is going on and blend it all together and call the oncologist and see when we get the final diagnoses and prognosis.

He was told today he will begin chemo this week...well they did not even stage this yet or give a prognosis...and they don't know when he will be released from the hospital either. :(

Has anyone had or heard of a similar situation? I worry about his heart with that fluid complicating matters...and the fact that they don't know where the cancer is originating from...why won't they do a PET scan...I need to ask...he is in a small a teaching hospital or a cancer hospital. Could I have him transfered to a better hospital perhaps?

Thank You,


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