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I'm a 40 year old male....been smoking the "chronic" for about 25 years....almost daily(2 or 3 times)...I try to research as much info as possible about lung cancer and the causes, but everything that I've seen says there is no hard proof that dope causes lung cancer in fact the majority of what I read states hat it may actually supress cancer causing agents ......
..I know that obviously any kind of smoke can't be good for you, but I was wondering if anyone else had the same question? I noticed over the last week or so, I've had some chest heaviness, not heart related though, I had that checked last year....stress test, sonogram, cholesterol etc. all ok....dr said it was inflammed cartilage in my chest..I'm wondering if it may be the same thing again or maybe the start of lung cancer(WOW!)....I have no coughing, no phlegm or anything like that, but the symptom I have is a mild dull ache under my sternum...I also have some slight achiness in my back and my appetite comes and goes, get kinda of a hollow feeling in the pit of my stomach...anyone else experience anything like this?

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