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Hey bosheep your info brought up a concern for me I am 38 and have smoked cig and pot and have quit both but still suffer from bronchitis I am constantly in the er room for treatments my breathing is terrible and have had pnuemonia several times and bronchitis atleast 3 or 4 times a year. My concern is my father he is 72 and has been diagnosed with non small cell carcinoma he is under combo treatments of chemo and radiation and is midway through his treatments suffering from all the side effects they said would pass anyway my concern is in researching all this cancer stuff it does say that if you suffer from many episodes of bronchitis or pnuemonias reaccuring periodically that you can be a prone candidate for cancer. I have had several xrays and yes my lungs look bad but they say no growths well CT Scans are more accurate and they cost 3500.00 and I have insurance and I had decided to wait cause insurance co can reject paying but after your response on this forum I have decided to go through with the scan better safe then sorry my doctor has tried to convince me that with cancer in both sides of my family it would be wise. And I guess I am just scared to see what it will be. Right now I am on workmans comp for Carpal tunnell in my left hand and am also sick with a severe case of bronchitis and trying to doctor it my self. Hope all is well with your recovery and may god bless you and thankyou for your input on this THanks Eva

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