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Dear Msdee: Iam sorry about your father's lung cancer.
My mom is 55 and has lung cancer. Her father(my grampa) died of lung cancer. I know from experience that chemotherapy makes you very sick and weak(er) and it takes alot of the "good" stuff out of your body while trying to get rid of the cancer. Yes, he will get skinnier and very sick with the chemo. His hair will all fall out. It is also devastating psychologically. I don't think the drs. and nurses are trying to duck your questions, cancer is very tricky and some survive and some don't. Nobody knows for sure. When my mom was diagnosed in May/00, she was told she had a very aggresive tumor, and given six months to live. She has outlived the prognosis by almost two years. When my grampa was diagnosed, "they" told him to go to Arizona, as the dry climate would help his lungs. It wasn't that easy. My uncle, to this day, says the chemo is what killed my grampa.
My heart goes out to you as I know how uncertain the future seems when dealing with this. Best wishes and I will pray for your dad.

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