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Is Gemzar a last-line of treatment for cancer? I mean, Bob had it twice now and next week is his week break. He has not stopped since he got it - he goes 14 hours a day running errands, decorating the new place, visiting people, etc. I should be doing all of that...I feel bad I allow him to do so much...see I have an anxiety disorder and I depend on him a lot...but everyone tells me I MUST learn to do for myself as he won't be here much longer...I refuse to accept that right now as he looks so good, he gained so much weight, he rarely gets pain, his color is excellent, and his spirits are high. I cannot "see" him THAT sick so of course I refuse to believe he will be gone soon. :(

Now I am wondering if this is it...if this works and he gets another remission and it is short lived...will his oncologist suggest clinical trials or hospice...I wonder. :(


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