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Hi there,

First let me say that I'm sorry about what your mother, you and your family is going through.

I am new to this site. My mother passed away last year due to lung cancer. It originated in her left lung. It had spread to her brain and was affecting the left side of her body. The doctors did a full body scan before removing the tumor in her brain and that's how we found out about the one in her lung. She didn't go on any drugs to treat it and in the beginning she didn't want to do chemo or radiation.

She went to an alternative treatment center in Mexico for 2 weeks. I'm not sure if it helped or not.

I'm sorry that I don't have any advice regarding the medication that your mother is on. I really hope she goes into remission.

Take Care
Mom is back in the hospital again.... she is really ill, her pain management is NOT under control, and she is very dehydrated right now....and she had taken a fall sunday morning.. it was like 3 am, and for some reason, (she is really drug induced right now) she wanted a glass of water, (when she already had a glass next to her bed).. and all i know is that..i
got woke up hearing a yell saying HELP! Scared me to death to find her
stuck on the kitchen floor! she had fallen, and when i found her, she was
huddled on the floor and she couldnt get up, she has cancer in her pelvic
area, and her legs, and they are really weak, she had used her walker to go
in there, but shes not supposed to go anywhere unattended because of her
legs being so weak, so my husband picked her up and took her back to bed, and a
couple of hours later, her nurse came by, and moms leg was swollen bad, and
her arm was bruised up, the ambulance had to come and take her to the hospital...
I just left the hospital, and mom's cancer did spread into her brain... so she is sooo confused and out of it right now, she didnt even know who i was.. and she doesnt remember or recogonize anyone either... it has caused her to have brain damage.. she acts like shes had a stroke?
to where she cant feed herself.... and she has been talking to her deceased brother the whole time i was there today..... I was told that this was normal.. for my mom to do this. The nurses told me that mom has about 1 to 2 weeks left till she passes on....
they changed her pain meds because her old meds were not taking her pain away at all... shes been suffering since december.. and vomiting every day for about a month now... the new meds that they started her on yesterday have really helped her... she is feeling hardly any pain now :) thank god for hospice..I know my mom knows who i am, and i know she has alot to say to me, but she cant get it out in words... so i am not goin to get upset over mom not knowing who i am, cause i know she does.... i can tell by the look in her eyes, and when i try to leave, she grabs my hand so hard.... I love her more than anything in this world, and i will stay by her side till she takes her last breath....
She laughed today... as she was pulling my hair.. LOL she thought it was funny to hear me say Ouch.. she reminded me of a child :)
I think she will go soon, and hopefully it will be painless, and quick. I just found out that earlier Thursday afternoon, she tried to leave us... but for some reason my mom is holding on... i told her that it was ok for her to go... but i dont think she can hear me...or its that she just doesnt want to leave yet... the tumor in her brain has taken over my mom.. its like shes had a stroke. I stayed overnight with her last night.. It felt great to cuddle her last night in the hospital, even though she does not respond to peoples voices.. she does respond to my touch :)
god bless
Love Jessica

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