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My mom has recently been diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. I don't know if it is NSCLC or SCLC, but it has spread to the bones. She is being tested today to see if it has reached the brain. She is on oxygen, her legs are terribly swollen, she isn't eating and she has severe arm and leg pain. Her symptoms have been here for months, but she had thought they were simply from "getting old". She is 67.

My brother passed away in 1996 from lung cancer. He was 40. From the time he was diagnosed to his death was 5 months.

I'm trying to brace myself for what is ahead. I know what to expect (I shudder to think of it) from what we went through with my brother, but I just wish I could put a timeline on this somehow. The doctor told my mom she could live for up to 5 years -- but she knows -- and I know-- that is not likely. I truly believe she has given up her will to live. My brother's death in 1996 almost killed her. But then my sister was killed in a car accident three years later, and she has just never been the same. She is just numb. She has no will to go on.

I live 50 miles away from her and I have a full time job and three little boys. My aunts have been taking her to appointments and trying to help her at home. She is still able to get around some (the swollen feet are a problem, though) and she can still take care of her personal needs. What is frustrating is not being able to be there with her every day.

Could some of you please post how long your family members lived after their diagnosis? Have any "gotten better" after a Stage 4 diagnosis with chemo? I fear that my mom won't even want to try chemo because the doctors advised my brother not to do chemo and when he did he got much sicker and died shortly after. And I know she is going to reject Hospice, because she is still mad at them for "starving" my brother to death in his last days. (That's what she thinks, anyway. But I know that's just a mother's reaction to watching her son die and not being able to do a thing about it.)

Thank you in advance for any advice and information regarding my mom's prognosis. It helps to be here where you know everyone is going through or has gone through the same thing.

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Hi there, I have just newly registered and was recently told my mother who is 64 years old has stage four lung cancer that has spread to her brain. I am just wondering what hope there is for her survival. Her original prognosis was that she has 6 - 18 mos and she has been on Decadron steroid that they are not successful in weaning her off. I am thinking that her time is coming near to an end. Does anybody have any info regarding stage four lung cancer. I would also like to know whether I should let my mother know what the doctor told me and my siblings. She is getting upset at people talking around her.

Would somebody please respond if you have a similiar experience to share, I am feeling lost trying to keep the rest of my family together and we are having a hard time coping with this news.

I can relate to others' and my heart goes out to families sharing this kind of trauma. God bless

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