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Can someone please help out? My mother has lung cancer, and has just finished her 6+ months of chemo. In May, she started with a new drug at chemo as the one she used before didn't do anything - her tumor actually grew during her first half of chemo. I don't know the name of the drug she was just on - it started with a "T". :) She's also been on steroids. They've also taken her off that drug along with her steroids now.

She has a lot of fluid collected around her lungs, and it is compressing so badly against her lungs that if she literally walks across the room, she can't catch her breath. She's also on oxygen now.

Last week she had the fluid around her lungs drained - they collected a liter and a half. She hasn't noticed any improvement, and when talking to her, I think she's actually gotten worse. She knows that it takes a while for the air sacs in her lungs to fully inflate, but the doctor said that she should be getting her breath back by now. She has an appt next week with a pulmonologist (sp) and her cancer doctor.

Has anyone had this happen? My mom is a very independent woman and has worked throughout her cancer and treatment. She refuses to stay at home, and her job is a fairly high profile one in which she has to give speeches and appear in public a lot. She refuses to wear her oxygen at work, and during her talks. But she really can't stand walking up to a podium and then struggling to catch her breath. She is utterly miserable right now, and I would give anythying to help her out! It's really hard to watch your mother gasping and panting for a good 2 minutes when all she's done is get up to get a drink of water.

She sees the pulmanlogist this week - they are promising her breathing exercises to do when she is gasping for breath that will help her out, and hopefully they will be able to handle this situation. I believe they did analzye the fluid - no cancer cells. Which was a relief since the chemo really didn't do anything for her - her tumor hasn't shrunk wahtsoever, and surgery is not an option.

I'll let you know what they say, and I'm going to look up some websites like you mentioned. Thanks!! And good luck to your Mom too!


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