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It could be a side effect of the treatment, however it is by no means "rare" for lung cancer to spread to the brain (who told you that?), on the contrary it is one of the most common sites for it to metastasise to AFAIK :(
[QUOTE=LeisaH]rare???? no way, instead on a brain scan. Mom was diagnosed cancer free December/01, in Feburary, she was lungcancer stage 4 in March it was in her brain. Now is also the time to talk to your mom about treatments that she may or may not want. Mom, was using a cane in March, wheelchair,in April, stopped writing and recgonizing letters early April. When we brought a magazine for her, she would only look at pictures....[/QUOTE]
hi. sorry about your mum. it may not be anything to worry about, but my friend has just died of lung cancer that spread to her brain. she lost feeling in her left side of her body after complaining of tingling and having to drag her leg. i should ask for another brain scan to be sure. but don't forget that everyone is different and just because one person had similar symptoms doesn't automatically mean everyone else will. my friend died of pneumonia in the end. it took just 3 months from being diagnosed and she got really bad really quickly. i hope your mum stays free of cancer. my friend was only 30 and has left behind two young children. it's awful. you have my best wishes.
Dear LibbyMack,

Please insist on another brain scan. It is most important you are reassured, and that you have done all possible. I'm sure you would feel relieved knowing its done and you have a result. If you have difficulty to get one organised, seek a 2nd opinion from a doctor and get them to organise for you. Time is of the essence.

In my Dad's case, we had a CT scan of the brain last week as the doctors mentioned that possibly the cancer spread to the brain. Luckily, according to the Doc it turned out it hasn't. Although to be 100% sure (in Dad's mind and ours), today I've taken him for an MRI, which really is more to reassure us. The doctors have been wonderful and very supportive in helping to get this organised.

I send you my very best wishes.

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