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Re: Nodule in Lung
May 13, 2005
First, the best and MOST IMPORTANT thing for you to do RIGHT NOW is to stop smoking. It is a killer all the way around. I know it's very hard to stop but if you only could know how many patients suffer from the variety of ailments that they do because of smoking, you would quit this very day!

There are many, many reasons for lung nodules as well as several types. The CT is a great method of showing the anatomic relations of a lung nodule and yours was evidently decided by the radiologist to be non-worrisome for cancer, this far. Also, it is small. Nodules over 2.5 cm have a higher probability to be a cancer.

You should get a copy of your Chest CT report so you can read the impression yourself. The CT would show the absence or presence of calcifications in the nodule - when calcification is present, the lung nodule is most often benign (non-cancerous). Because the radiologist is informing your doctor that your nodule is not worrisome at this point, your doctor is taking the proper precaution by ordering a follow up CT in 3 months, which will show changes or not. If changes are noted, you will then be referred to a pulmonologist to determine whether or not a thoracoscopy with biopsy is needed.

I know that 3 months is a long wait for you but if changes are noted at that time, your treatment at that time will offer the same prognosis as if you had anything done right now (if that eases your mind at all). If you are uncomfortable with your doctor's current decision, you have every right to be referred to a pulmonologist now to ease your mind, but I personally believe (from experience) that your doctor has you on the right route and that any pulmonologist would give you this same recommendation. As long as your nodule remains stable, you can expect to have another Chest CT in another 3 months after the upcoming one, and then every 6 months for a year and then one every year after that. Without a previous x-ray or CT for comparison, this is a watch and wait situation at this point. The best favor to yourself is to stop smoking today.

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