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Prayers Please
Dec 13, 2005
Hello "Health Board family", I am asking for prayers this week. After everying in the last couple of weeks, my hubb's onc appt got moved up to today and none too soon. He is going in for a lung tap tomorrow, another CT on Thu and back to the onc on Fri. Doctor's worry now is that the Tarceva is not working and that the blood clots coming up are due to the tumor (originally a peripheral mass just below the pleura) growing inwardly and invading the bronchi. They will drain the fluid and do the CT on Thu to attempt to determine wether there is any "good" change on his cancer. Dr is worried that if the Tarceva is not working and that if he waits more than a couple of weeks, that it might be too late to do anything to help him. I cannot believe all of this is suddenly moving so fast. I have an appt on Thur with my HR dept to fill out FMLA papers and discuss "employment" options.
I am so scared for him. When they told him about the tap, I know he relived the fine needle biopsy all over again. He squeezed my hand so hard I thought my fingers would break in half. I PROMISED him that I will be right there and although I would more than gladly trade my lung for his, I know this will hurt and I know that he dreads it and I know there is very little I can do to help. I pray that they find the Tarceva working but needing a boost of something else along with it-- to kick it in its butt. Reading about Tarceva, I found a study where they combined that drug with an injectable chemo drug Gemzar with improved results. Well, issue is that hubby has already done 6 months of Carboplatin and Gemzar and the cancer is resisting. Already, they are discussing line three chemo. I am out of vacation time and now I am off with no pay, which means more things for him to stess about (and me too). Both of us sleep so little at night that we don't need additional reasons to be awake. I know that he and I are both right in the center of GOd's will and regardless of the outcome, we will be taken care of. But that's hard to trust when you are looking at the stack of bills piling up on our table. I knew that the Tarceva had a 50-50 chance of working, but I had hoped we would be in the good 50%. But we are no better than anyone else and I accept what is due to us. Please pray for answers for him and an understanding doc that will give him something to send him into lala land and keep him from feeling the pain of the needle. Thank you for being here with me and helping me to be strong.

Prayes and love to all of you,

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