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Re: Jan and Ron
Jan 24, 2006
:wave: Jan and Ron,

I am glad to hear that things have been going ok as I said I think of you guys all the time and the fact we are all in the same positon as far as treatments for our loved ones.I pray that we are all given some more good times before the bad set in. My hats off to both Bud and Bec and all they have gone through in this terrible battle. I know it is hard for my mom at her age to accept this disease so I can only imagine how hard it is for Bud and Bec and most of the others on this board to have to deal with it at such a young age. Having an Uncle that died of lung cancer in his early 30's I know the impact it had on his wife and his 3 young kids but in the long run it did make them all stronger as odd as that sounds.

My mom starts Taxotere and Gemzar tomorow and she is not looking foreward to her hair falling out again. If it does not work or even if it does when it stops working I do not know if we will have any more options. We had to resend CT Scans to Stanford but I knew then what the answer would be before we sent them. There are too many mets in the liver at this point to do the cyberknife, The doctor did say if this chemo were to get rid of all but 2 or 3 then they could do it.The chances of that happening are slim but at least my mom now has the comfort of knowing that she tried and hopefully this will do away with any "What if's."

Any of you that are in the early days of this battle with cancer check out Cyberknife as I think it holds alot of promise for treatment when there are only a few tumors and or mets involved or you have an inoperable tumor. It can kill the tumor without all the radiation burn and side effects of regular radiation.

My mom did start taking Immunopower this past week and she had been falling asleep watching TV in the evenings but since starting it has been staying awake and still feels good. Has no pain from the liver mets yet and no trouble breathing since the lung tumor is gone.She shows no physical signs of it being so involved in her liver which is good as so often liver involvement progresses very fast.She is still living life like she will be here for many more years.

Any thing we should watch out for with either the Taxotere or the Gemzar? My biggest worry right now is her blood counts falling and her becoming neutropenic and developing a pneumonia like she did after the Taxol/ carboplatin. We have so many healthy people in the hospital where I work right now with horrible pneumonias that I worry about my mom and all of your loved ones with weakened immune systems.Each year it seems the "bugs" out there are worst then the previous year. We also seem to be seeing a large increase in lung cancer patients which sort of freaks me out!

As usual know that I hold all of you in a very special place in my heart and think of everyone frequently. I pray we all get more time with our loved ones and that they have many more days of feeling well or at very least feeling ok.A big internet hug to all of my fellow caregivers as we all do deserve one! Take care, JanMarie ;)

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