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Re: Melatonin
Mar 6, 2006
Hi Hep, welcome, unfortunately, to this board. I hope you can find some comfort here as we have. I was the one that wrote about my hubby and the 20-24 months. He was diagnosed in March/April 05 with NSCLC IIIB, just like your dad. He was 55 at the time. His first round of treatments worked really well and showed great shrinkage. They had him on Carboplatin & Gemzar. Then he went into remission in Sep 05 ... for 28 days. :( In October they started him on Tarceva, a relatively new drug. That did not work for him at all (but JanMarie's mom for instance who also has nsclc did very well with it). So, after almost losing him in December, they started him on Taxotere and Nevalbine. This worked fairly well in that it pulled him out of the downward spiral ftom December, but did not achieve the shrinkage that the Gemzar and Carboplatin did. His main tumor mass is showing slight growth again, so I think starting this coming Thursday, they will start him on Alimta. JanMarie's mom has also been on this drug and done well. As you can see, both of our loved ones have nsclc and respond differently to the same drugs. That's the ugliness about cancer, it cannot be predicted. I would definitely get as much information about the chemotherapy that they are putting him on and read about it on the internet. I know it's hard to be so far away from him, and I know there are others here that have the same dilemma and do the best they can to be there for them. That's all you can do too. Make the most of the time you spend together and make memories that you will be able to cherish for a lifetime. I'm not trying to frighten you as your dad might beat all of the odds and make it to full remission and stay that way. But, you need to be strong for him, for yourself and for your kids. Try to find a way to release the stess that will come along with this. I'll keep you in my prayers and God bless you and your family.


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