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Update on Bud
Mar 19, 2006
Hello extended cyber-family...
I have been reading all of the new posts and sure keep praying for a cure. I'm glad when people find this place of refuge because here, the walls come down and true comfort and support are for everyone..patient or caregiver.

This has been a long trying week for my hubby. This is the third time he spiraled downward so quickly. Started off a week ago today (Sunday) and he started vomiting and coughing up more blood. The vomiting really had me worried because of dehydration. I called the oncologist on Monday and explained the situation. They prescribed suppositories for nausea/vomiting and lots of fluids. Well, thanks to his "chemo-buds" nothing sounded good in food or drink. It was all I could do to get him to take in 20 oz of fluid in a 24 hr period. He started to complain of the awfulest sore throat. So, went to get lozanges, sore throat spray and Zicam. He got worse. Wanted to take him to ER and he refused. Tue I called the onc again and they requested to see him. He could not even get off the bed without my help, and it took me 20 min to get socks on him because he was so limp. I thought I was losing him again folks! The onc put in on IV fluids that day and found out his red cell count dropped to 9 and that was unhydrated. He said it would plunge once the fluids got in him. I told him...I thought my hubby would get so weak he would just lay down and die on me. He said that is exactly what would have happened had I not intervened. Wed he went to the hospital where they did a blood transfusion. By the time we left Wed at 3 pm (that's a LONG process) his temp had climbed to 101. They did a throat swab and found puss but tested negative for strep. They sent him home with a Z-pack of antibiotics. By Thu the pain in his throat had become unbearable, coughing up more blood, etc...Called the onc again. This time he told us that he will probably pull Bud off of blood thinners since the coughing is incrasing and losing more blood. That means the blood clots will become a major threat again...MY GOD WHERE DOES IT STOP!!!! His immune system is impaired from the chemo so he catches one infection after another, if we stop the chemo, the cancer grows. Cancer growing means pleural effusion......geez! Thursday they prescribed liquid morphine so he would not need to swallow pills ...which he was eating Loritabs like candy with no effect. The morphine worked. Then, they prescribed a thing called "Mary's Miracle Mouthwash" that has 4 diff medicines in it. It's called a mouthwash, but you also need to swallow it. It was to be done every 4 hours. Whatever it was, it worked. His throat got better in almost 24 hrs, his voice is still gone but crackling, the pain reduced from a 20 on the 1-10 scale to a 2-3. HURRAY! The blood transfusion worked and infused him with new energy and Friday he was starting his road to recovery. We had a long talk about death and what he wants done and who gets what. It broke my heart and thought to myself, YES people can die of a broken heart......and this has to be the most excruciating, heartbreaking, agonizing experience of my entire 46 yrs of existence. He is calling the kids together for next weekend so he can tell him of his plans and ask them what of his personal effects each wants. His 2 brothers and sister came in from out of town this weekend in a surprise visit to make sure they got to be with him one last time in "case something happens". He has already prayed to God to take him home several times, yet he is still here. He has unfinished business. By Saturday he was 200% better and actually things were almost "normal". He only took a 1 hr nap and ended up we went out to dinner with all of the siblings and their partners at a buffet (we had not been out to dinner in ages) and then we all congregated at our house and watched the new movie about Johnny Cash..Walk the Line until midnight. He slept so good for the second night in a row last night. I cannot believe it, but I am weary that this is the "calm before the storm" and am doubly ready for any sudden reversal. His onc said that he gets another Alimta treatment on 03/30 and then a scan. If the scan shows no improvement, then we need to discuss palliative care and you all know what that means. He is ready he says. Tired of hurting, coughing, dieing...
I did some research on the internet about 'miracle mouthwashes" and found out that there were studies and trials of miracle/magic mouthwashes for people undergoing radiotherapy of the neck and throat. These treatments often result in mucositis or "thrush". However, in one tiny blirp on another article it mentioned also non-small cell lung cancer patients who are undergoing biological-type treatments that alter the environment of the membranes etc etc and produces a condition called esophagitis. A complete inflamation of the esophagus accompanied by sores similar to thrush. This is a very painful condition. Bud is on Alimta which is biological warfare in nature. It removes/inhibits 4 enzymes that the tumor cells need to have to grow/reproduce. This has changed his environment. What started off as acid reflux which he already had quickly upgraded to this other condition once the variables were in place. This is something I wanted to share with you out there who are undergoing or have a loved one undergoing similar treatments. To be on the lookout for this. It's not a cold or the flu but something quite worse.

I am getting ready to go to a "home party" given by Bud's oldest daughter to get me out of the house. I have been home all week and actually miss being at work, surrounded by other people and issues not involving cancer. Bud's brother is getting ready to leave to return to TN, his sister left a while ago to return to Bloomington. The house is quiet once again and I thank Jesus for this beautiful reprieve and chance to see all of them together again.

God have mercy upon all of us and give us peace, healing and surround us with his infinite love. Prayers, love, and hope to all of you.


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