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Re: Frustration
Mar 24, 2006
Hi JanMarie,
Thanks for coming to vent and so nice hearing from you even though you vented, you even shared some beautiful times you are sharing with your mom. I am sorry your mom is being treated so unfairly. I know it is hard for you in the medical field to watch her not get the needed medical treatment in a timely manner. I do know that when we asked for Stan's chemo to be postponed for one week the doctor told us it was okay with the treatment plan he was getting to take a break of one week, but I do know each treatment plans are different. I hope it has not messed up your mom, but based on what she is doing as far as drives and lunch and getting around she sounds like she is doing well. I do hope and pray she will be back on chemo next week! We have been very fortunate and they have ALWAYS been able to squeeze my husband in for treatment. We are very fortunate where we live with the medical care! The doctor my husband sees is in a group with 2 others and they share a huge chemo center with about 26 chairs. Yes, sad to think that those 3 doctors have that many patients...breaks my heart. I think your mom is a true fighter and wants to live and is proof that a positive outlook sure can change things. Give her a big hug next time you see her!
Jan, I am so sorry to hear you are going thru about the same problems with Bud's bloodwork. Stan is also on blood thinner so I am constantly making sure they check the level. Oh, how sweet Bud got you your favorite shade...what a dear man even with all he is going thru! Did you take a picture of you and Bud in front of the arrangement of flowers? I think that would be a beautiful photo!
Stan finished chemo last Friday and boy it sure knocked him down good! We go in a bit to get another shot for his white count. He also ended up getting hives! I could not believe all he has been thru and now gets that! We have not pinpointed the root of the hives but have an idea. He drinks some juices to help the immune system. They are all natural but think his body with the chemo did not like it. I hope Stan can get some strength up by next Tuesday so we can celebrate his 52nd birthday and make it very special with him. The boys are excited for dad to feel better. The mood in the house has been sad while dad is going thru chemo, but the boys understand. I think tonight the boys and I need to put our heads together and get dad his favorite dessert and dinner planned for his birthday. (not sure what that is anymore since chemo has altered his taste buds!)
I need to to Newport Beach for the doctor's appt. I hate to share this with all of you in the cold, but I think yesterday reached 80 and it is just beautiful weather which makes Stan feel much better. You all take care and sorry I have not been on much but overwhelmed taking care of Stan while he has been sick. God Bless all you....

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