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Senga wow I am sorry your going through all this with your mom. She has mountains in front of her from what you describe and there are no doctors here but she sonds as though she has a battle in front of her. Maybe the fact that they are doing chemo is a good sign, I mean if there was not a chance then they would not give it to her. I have some exp lost both parents to lung cancer. Dad was given 8 months to live he lived 7 months, mom given six months to a year lasted 2 years WITHOUT CHEMO. Its a sad guessing game to say the least. Without a stage its hard to say, did they mention surgery at all ? Surgery I think is like if they are not a canidate then its is stage 3 inoperable but if they can do surg then its a lower stage. Again I am not a doctor but the people on these boards are heaven sent and can answear alot of questions for you.


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