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Dear Hep...I wish I could be of more help. Our xp was that initially, Bud was diagnosed with 3A. All looked favorably for surgery...(ie: removal of left lung)...then the PET scan at St Louis University. It lit up the pleura and the mediastinal and onother lymph node. That shot him straight into 3B -- and oh my Lord....inoperable. This is when our saga started. He began chemo only (since radiotherapy was out of the question to do the pleural involvement and too massive of an area to cover by radiation). This led him to his currently 5th line of defense...the original Gemzar/Carboplatin defense but this time adding Avastin...which blocks the blood vesels to the tumor..basically starving it. AMEN. I think there is some progress here. We went on Tue for his Onc appt and then treatment. Doc said good job. He no longer coughs up blood...which he had been doing for months now...and his left lung no longer hurts...which again had been happening for months. In April the same onc said 3-5 months if this does not work. When I spoke with him on Tue ...he said if treatment is responsive...maybe...hopefully...6-8 months. I am praying for my miracle. I have never asked God for anything, but now I am asking form him to be cured, and live. NSCLC does not respond well to chemo...and there are differences b/w the patients who were smokers and non-smokers. Some drugs only work well with the non-smokers. But, we tried all we could despite it all.

Thank you for singling me out. I hope to be able to speak out about this terrible illeness and discourage current/future smokers. Hep, keep us posted on what is going on. As always, I try to come through here as often as I can to help in any way I can. I am honest about what I see and know.. I hope that is not hurtful as that is not my intention.

Take care....prayers and healing and peace from Indiana


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